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be devoured by (something)

To be dominated or overwhelmed by a particular emotion. I was totally devoured by anger the last time I saw my enemy.
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be devoured by something

be filled with a strong emotion that seems to control you: She was devoured by envy and hatred.
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Shouldn't women in particular be suspicious of the renunciation of autonomy, the full-scale self-surrender on the part of the human (feminine) subject evoked in Weil's account of mystical devouring and decreation?
Similarly armed, Odette Hughes and Antoine Vereecken enter the fray like a pair of carnivorous insects set on devouring each other.
Philosophically," declared the poet Oswald de Andrade in his Manifesto antropo [ago (1928), describing the evolution of modern Brazilian culture in terms of the cannibalistic devouring of other cultures.
SANTA CLARITA - By early afternoon Wednesday, the mercury had hit 108 degrees in Newhall and flames were devouring brush in Saugus and Castaic.
Compulsively devouring Le Monde, the New York Times, and La Nacion, pathetically hoping to find some kind of light between the lines, some hidden truth, I remembered Eliot: "The only wisdom we ever hope to acquire is the lesson of humility, because humility is endless.
312), and now astronomers have some of the first direct evidence that our own Milky Way grew bigger by devouring galaxies around it.
Some people think he's been devouring Hollywood for years.
In fact, the Milky Way's black hole may be devouring matter 10,000 times more rapidly than could be inferred from the luminosity, he says.
These can be thought of as the popular, psychedelic, contemporary embodiment of what Brazilian intellectuals identify as the foundation of Brazilian thought: the logic of cannibalism - the assimilative devouring and subsequent transformation of foreign influences.
Where deer are devouring your garden, Sandbeck is convinced there is no better means of deterrence than a faithful dog, ``one with a strong sense of duty'' that continually patrols the perimeters of your property.
On entering Mac James' crowded show the first thing I noticed - it would have been very hard to miss - was a bizarre and hilarious New York nocturne in which the Empire State Building and the moon that gives this painting its name ("Luna") are dwarfed by an enormous, leaping white shark that looks eminently capable of devouring the entire city in one gulp.
People in the eastern United States go to great lengths to prevent gypsy moth caterpillars from devouring forests and favorite shade trees.