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be devoured by (something)

To be dominated or overwhelmed by a particular emotion. I was totally devoured by anger the last time I saw my enemy.
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be devoured by something

be filled with a strong emotion that seems to control you: She was devoured by envy and hatred.
See also: by, devour, something
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And don't forget the sodium hexametaphosphate, BHA, BHT, sodium nitrite, carrageenan, and other top-notch ingredients sprinkled throughout the DEVOURS.
The MOTOROLA DEVOUR features MOTOBLUR, Motorola's unique content delivery service created to make wireless phones more personal and customisable.
Members range from three 17-year-olds - two on oboe and one violinist - to an 80-year-old French horn player, DeVour said.
This renunciatory posture -- the refusal to devour the other and the determination to feed her -- is, in Well's view, the strictest, the most painful, and the most necessary form of asceticism.
Today Netflix unveils The Binge Scale, revealing which shows we devour and which we savor.
US wireless communications company Verizon Wireless and wireless and broadband communications company Motorola Inc (NYSE:MOT) announced on Wednesday the forthcoming availability of Motorola DEVOUR in March 2010.
Like the Motorola Droid, the Motorola Devour features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.
Princess Mermaid stars Tura, Julie, and Ai, three mermaid sisters who lure sailors to their Underwater Palace and then devour them.
Where de Kooning's women were often described as appearing as if they were about to devour the onlooker (or any male in proximity), Schutz takes things a dramatic step further by depicting figures devouring themselves.
The weakened trees attract insects, which devour the ailing trees.
Chip mills can devour in one month the amount of wood an average sawmill consumes in a year," explains Smith.
In Red Delilah, the various reds that make up the background as well as parts of a girl's clothing seem determined to devour each other--and her.
The old women are planning to devour her, and thus be restored to youth themselves.
In her signature haunting and poetic style of writing, she has brought yet another twist into the already perverse world of both the Tate and Devour families.
The pressure is greatest in the South East, where many first-time buyers find mortgages devour more than 40 per cent of their take-home pay.