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be left to (one's) own devices

To be left unsupervised or uncontrolled; to be allowed to do as one pleases. My job is really great: I know what I need to work on and am just left to my own devices. If left to their own devices, children will get into all sorts of mischief!
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leave one to one's own devices

 and leave one to one's own resources
Fig. to make one rely on oneself.—I am sure that she will manage if we leave her to her own devices. I will leave her to her own resources and everything will turn out fine.
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leave you to your own devices

to allow you to decide for yourself what you do Most of the time, the prisoners were left to their own devices by the guards. When the two sides were left to their own devices, they managed to agree on terms for a new contract.
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leave somebody to their own devices

to let someone do what they want without helping them or trying to control them (usually passive) There are four hours of lessons each morning, and in the afternoon students are left to their own devices. Left to my own devices I wouldn't bother cooking in the evenings.
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leave to someone's own devices

Allow someone to do as he or she wishes. For example, Left to his own devices, he would hire someone to do the yard work. This expression, uses device in the sense of "a plan or scheme." [Late 1800s]
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leave to (one's) own devices

1. To allow (someone) to do as he or she pleases: left the child to her own devices for an hour.
2. To force (someone) to cope or manage without assistance: Most people would die in the desert if left to their own devices.
See also: device, leave, own
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Their ability to effectively extend cabling distances, increase the number of devices attached to each parallel SCSI bus and to isolate failed segments of clustered systems (which were often used to provide failover routing in redundant storage configurations), made expanders an essential component in a large number of installations (see Figure 1).
Serial Attached SCSI deploys SAS expanders as the method used for extending the device addressing to the complete range (16K) of devices specified in the SAS standard.
Wireless devices pose security risks that are different from those of desktop computers and wired telephones.
Bonar said, for example, that wireless devices' relative lack of power may cause insurers to refrain from burdening the devices with speed-draining security software.
On the other hand, the manufacturer was paid for three unapproved devices.
Either they could receive Medicare reimbursement, or the patient would not have access to these unapproved devices.
Such scrutiny guaranteed front-page coverage for Waxman and his Naderite allies and gave the FDA big incentives to approve as few new drugs and devices as possible.
The White House proposal would remove a few regulatory barriers and develop a "pilot" program to consider letting private parties review some low-risk medical devices.
Devices produced for people who are hearing impaired, such as TeleCaption decoders for reading television, are not accessible by deaf-blind people based on degree of visual impairment, nor are devices produced for people who are blind, such as speaking clocks, stoves, computers, and other devices accessible by people who are deaf-blind based on degree of hearing impairment.
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Multimedia functionality is no longer reserved for only high-end, expensive cellular phones," said Christian Kermarrec, vice president, RF and Wireless Systems, Analog Devices, Inc.
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