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deviate from (something)

To move away from what is typical or has been planned. Please don't deviate from the itinerary, otherwise we'll be late for our dinner reservation. Curiosity led me to deviate from my usual path through the woods.
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deviate from something

to wander away from something, such as a path, road, etc.; to vary from the normal procedure. Please do not deviate from the path. You will crush the wildflowers. I will not deviate one inch from the route you have prescribed. They did not deviate from her instructions.
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deviate from

1. To wander or turn aside from some path, course, or way: The hiker deviated from the trail and got lost. The riverbank deviates from the side of the ridge where the sediment has built up.
2. To depart or stray from some subject or matter of discussion: The teacher deviated from the topic of the lecture.
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Deviated septum was stitched to opposite medial crus of lower lateral cartilage using Prolene 4/0 (modified Kriedel's technique) as shown in fig-I.
In this study deviated nasal septum was found to be more common towards left (62.
Most simply put, he argues that the marriage patterns of the organization's secretaries deviated from those found in the broader population--which supports his broader analysis of the YMCA's bachelor culture as a culture of male love that developed as an alternative to heterosexual family norms.
Firms that deviated from fit were more prepared for the eventuality of new environments.
Millions who suffer chronic postnasal drip, bloody noses, obstructed nasal breathing, and snoring may be afflicted by a deviated septum, advise specialists at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston.
Request for quotation for Design work on the projects: Construction project exploration wells 100, 101 in the field Putilovsky; The project to build the operational deviated wells (450, 1013, 1014, 1015, 1016, 1011, 1012) in the field of well-Velichaevsko; The project to build the operational deviated wells (number 451, number 452, number 453, number 454) in the field Winter-Stavkinsko- right-bank
Sixty cases of deviated nasal septum refractory to conservative medical treatment were divided into 2 groups of 30 patients and underwent correction surgery for nasal septal deformity using both endoscopic and conventional techniques.
Conrad Murray deviated from commonly accepted medical standards and made significant errors when he gave Michael Jackson the anesthetic propofol to help him sleep, a final defence witness admitted during the doctor's trial.
Andy Warhol never deviated from his initial trajectory.
Tracking 22 beetles, Dacke found that the beetles under the filter deviated from their previous course by turns of nearly 90[degrees].
It looked like it was going to be stronger for our neck of the woods earlier, but the trajectory kind of deviated and went more to the north,'' he said.
The SEC determined that Potts had deviated from GAAP and GAAS and was negligent in his duties as an independent auditor.
s Breathe with EEZ device has been proven effective in providing instant relief to patients suffering from allergic rhinitis, deviated septa, nasal polyps, asthma, common colds, alar or valve insufficiencies, snoring and sleep apnea.