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develop from (someone or something)

To grow and change from someone or something into someone or something else. Thanks to her public speaking class, Alicia has developed from a painfully shy girl into a confident speaker. My craft business developed from a passion for knitting.
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develop from someone or something (into someone or something)

 and develop (from someone or something) into someone or something
to grow or evolve out of someone or something into someone or something else. Her interest in music developed from a childlike curiosity to a full-fledged professional career. The flower developed from a little knot of a bulb.
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Let S be an orientable spacelike non - developable surface.
This is an ideal opportunity for an investor looking for a large amount of developable land, either for commercial, or for residential space with the potential to subdivide," stated Chippendale.
California City officials want to add 27 square miles of developable land and drop the same number of acres in an area that would be problematic for development because of state protections for the desert tortoise and the Mohave ground squirrel.
1-acre lot and an additional developable lot of 10.
Reckson's agreement with the Atlantic League provides Lighthouse with the unique ability to add a ballpark as an amenity to its project while maintaining maximum open green space and developable area on the Coliseum site.
As developable land becomes scarcer by the New York minute, Eastern Consolidated has been tapped to exclusively market four plots of prime land in Brooklyn's hip North Williamsburg neighborhood.
Continuing price increases elsewhere in Southern California and the lack of large developable pieces of land in the rest of Los Angeles County should further the trend this year, the firm said.