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What the deuce?

Sl. What has happened?; What? (Deuce is an old word for devil.) What the deuce! Who are you? What the deuce! Who did this?


1. n. the devil. (Always with the.) I’ll knock the deuce out of you if you come around here again.
2. n. the two in playing cards. If I could only get a deuce.
3. n. two dollars. Can you loan me a deuce till payday?
4. n. a two-year prison sentence. (Underworld.) The DA made sure that Mooshoo got more than a deuce.
5. n. a table for two. Give the next couple the deuce over in the corner.


n. a .22-caliber pistol. (Streets.) My buddy popped his uncle with a deuce-deuce.


n. the number twenty-two. The National Weather Service says it’s going down to the double-deuces tonight.

What the deuce?

interrog. What has happened?; What? (Deuce is an old word for devil.) What the deuce! Who are you?

Who the deuce?

interrog. Who? (An elaboration of who. The deuce is the devil. See examples for variations.) Who the deuce do you think you are?
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Ljubicic won a hard-fought seventh game before an epic rally took Murray to deuce on his serve, which he eventually held with some stunning shots.
The DEUCE enables light infantry and airborne engineers to prepare airstrips, roads, and protective positions, while keeping pace with the ground forces.
FuelQuest is pleased to collaborate with Lucky Deuces on their fuel management strategy," said Ryan Mossman, vice president and general manager for Fuel Center.
22 from Giants, drawn on level terms with AKB and lost to Deuces.
Players must work with the deuce cards against the dealer to make the best five-card hand possible and possibly win the progressive jackpot, which starts at $5000 and climbs as the game heats up.
com/ ) inaugural Jacks or Better game in the new Multi Level Power Poker series has prompted the release of the second game in the genre, Deuces Wild Level Up Poker this month.
For this program, Edsel Ford II, who is the great grandson of Henry Ford, will sign and drive the first issued 75th Anniversary Deuce, which will be sold at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale, AZ in January 2007.
Simmons was enjoying a game of Deuces & Joker Poker when, after holding one deuce, was dealt three more deuces and a joker hitting the $50,000 Jackpot.
In the third, she took control after a marathon-long third game with seven deuces.
Amex: CKN), a provider of cash access solutions for the gaming industry, today announced a new contract to provide cash advance and debit services to seven casinos in Deadwood, SD, including Lady Luck, Miss Kitty, Bullock Hotel, Bullock Express, Buffalo Saloon, Wild West and Dakota Deuces Casinos.
The Deuces are a dozen well-trained and committed law-enforcement professionals.
The Army plans to issue DEUCEs to its Light Infantry and Airborne units, beginning with the 10th Mountain Division, Light Infantry, Fort Drum, NY and the famed 82d Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC, in 1998, said Koetz, adding, the DEUCE will be used in combat engineer units to accomplish their missions -- to prepare airstrips, roads, and protective positions in combat environments.
If you can imagine, we are holding pocket deuces and they're holding pocket aces, pocket kings, and big slick; none of us know what the flop is going to be and that is the way it is with study trials.
A contract with Deuces Wild Casino and Sports Bar to provide credit and debit card cash advance services.
The Aces and Deuces Square Dance Club, recently celebrating its 31st birthday, continues to invite people of all ages to attend the organizational meetings and classes and become actively involved with the group.