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detract from (someone or something)

To impact someone or something negatively; to diminish someone or something. Unfortunately, that outdated kitchen detracts from the overall value of your house. His lies detracted from his otherwise stellar record as a senator.
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detract from someone or something

to lessen or diminish someone or something. The large pieces of furniture detracted from the lovely design in the carpet. Alice's quiet demeanor did not detract from her grace and beauty.
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detract from

To reduce a quality, importance, or some other value; diminish something: The dent on the side of the car detracts from its overall value. The politician's uneven voting record detracted from his chances of winning the election.
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Now retailers can take advantage of what a CCTV system has to offer, without detracting from their store's look and feel.
SunBlush retains a 28% interest in Solphen which allows the SunBlush shareholders to benefit from the development of the Polyphenol and other technologies without detracting from its core technology for the continued development and licensing for the application of its Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technologies and FreshSpan.
Program guides have not kept pace with the advances of other service TV offerings, detracting from the passive entertainment value of TV and resulting in unexploited digital services.
This agreement creates value from assets INEX acquired in 1998 without detracting from our internal company focus on product development initiatives.
This will be facilitated by the elimination of any remnants of the uranium business which have been seriously detracting from the efforts of management to achieve a new business model for the Company.
While desktop maintenance is important to our clients, it is not a core competence for Aztec and was detracting from our focus on the high end services that are part of our e-Solutions strategy," stated Ira Cohen, Aztec's president and chief operating officer.
The company's strong financial performance permits the repurchase program without detracting from our financial flexibility.
Detracting from this position is the firm's equity interest in the higher-risk cellular telephone business, with systems in mainly secondary areas.
Instead of detracting from the appearance of a retail store or restaurant, it actually serves as a nice design element.
The creation of CSC will allow us to take advantage of the expertise we have accrued in web site development and Internet delivery, without detracting from that primary mission.