detract from (someone or something)

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detract from (someone or something)

To impact someone or something negatively; to diminish someone or something. Unfortunately, that outdated kitchen detracts from the overall value of your house. His lies detracted from his otherwise stellar record as a senator.
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detract from someone or something

to lessen or diminish someone or something. The large pieces of furniture detracted from the lovely design in the carpet. Alice's quiet demeanor did not detract from her grace and beauty.
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detract from

To reduce a quality, importance, or some other value; diminish something: The dent on the side of the car detracts from its overall value. The politician's uneven voting record detracted from his chances of winning the election.
See also: detract
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A building that could not only accelerate the erosion of what remains of Victorian Cardiff, but would also detract from one of the great civic centres of the world.
The congratulations and backpatting may be welldeserved, but should not detract from one glaring oversight that Ruby again brings to light: the absence of permanent evacuation sites.
Even a huge blast of unwanted feedback halfway through didn't detract from one of the real highlights of the show.
Airedale scored a late consolation but it didn't detract from one of Huddersfield's best performances of the season, with McCallum outstanding in goal.
But it would only serve to cheapen Liverpool's Herculean efforts and detract from one of the greatest games the Champions League will ever see if the referee was the subject of too much criticism.
Conversely, an inappropriate wine can detract from one.
People made much of the fact Pompey were without their African players, but that should not detract from one of our best performances of the season.
How do they compliment and detract from one another?
You can create as many as you want, and they don't detract from one another.
Crowe later apologised and accepted full blame for a fiasco which should not detract from one of the most remarkable innings played in one-day international crcket.
Uplifting stuff - although Harris' heroics, and the big-hearted victory, must not detract from one ongoing problem' the Bears' inability to play spin.
If the drama on a theatrical evening centred around the dismissal of two United players as frustration got the better of the visitors, then it should not be allowed to detract from one of the best performances of the season from the Goodison team.