detract from (someone or something)

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detract from (someone or something)

To impact someone or something negatively; to diminish someone or something. Unfortunately, that outdated kitchen detracts from the overall value of your house. His lies detracted from his otherwise stellar record as a senator.
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detract from someone or something

to lessen or diminish someone or something. The large pieces of furniture detracted from the lovely design in the carpet. Alice's quiet demeanor did not detract from her grace and beauty.
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detract from

To reduce a quality, importance, or some other value; diminish something: The dent on the side of the car detracts from its overall value. The politician's uneven voting record detracted from his chances of winning the election.
See also: detract
References in classic literature ?
Your picture is so fine that my observation cannot detract from it, and, besides, it is only my personal opinion.
Featuring wood and stone, and a board and batten finish, the Lynmar visitor center will resemble a comfortable home set amidst the vineyards fitting into the Sonoma landscape rather than detract from it.
FCPS teachers will benefit from the flexible scheduling tools that allow Web access to enhance instruction rather than detract from it.
But this should not detract from its attractiveness - it's a dense, bushy evergreen shrub which also responds well to topiary.
But that doesn't detract from its quality and its status as a must-play among aficionados -- especially in the fall, and especially for the tennis player-turned-golfer and sports marketing executive Lendl.