detract from (someone or something)

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detract from (someone or something)

To impact someone or something negatively; to diminish someone or something. Unfortunately, that outdated kitchen detracts from the overall value of your house. His lies detracted from his otherwise stellar record as a senator.
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detract from someone or something

to lessen or diminish someone or something. The large pieces of furniture detracted from the lovely design in the carpet. Alice's quiet demeanor did not detract from her grace and beauty.
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detract from

To reduce a quality, importance, or some other value; diminish something: The dent on the side of the car detracts from its overall value. The politician's uneven voting record detracted from his chances of winning the election.
See also: detract
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Still, she was the focus of the IAAF Grand Prix meet, and not even her poor performance could detract from her magnificent accomplishments throughout the years.
Suffice it to say, her anticapitalist excursions belong in another book, because in this one they detract from her presentation and bait the reader into arguing with her, as when she declares that Henry Ford's introduction of the moving assembly line was intended to discipline labor.
effortlessly bouncing from uptempo to slow and back again in an earthy, beat-happy framework that doesn't detract from her natural essence.
It was very provocative for that time and certainly helped the sale of red nail polish,'' observed Fox, who added that while Monroe painted her toenails red, she always left her fingernails plain so they wouldn't detract from her face.