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bound and determined

Cliché very determined; very committed or dedicated (to something). We were bound and determined to get there on time. I'm bound and determined that this won't happen again.
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bound and determined

completely serious The women of the town were bound and determined to have a school built.
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be bound and determined

to have a strong wish to do something and to not allow anything to stop you from doing it (often + to do sth) She's bound and determined to make her career in medical research.
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bound and determined to

Firmly resolved to, as in He was bound and determined to finish the assignment before taking on another. This phrase is a redundancy used for emphasis, as bound and determined here both mean "resolved to." Also see bound to.
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True stories of the lives of courageous women, whether determinedly standing their ground or secretly confiding their weaknesses, assemble a composite picture of both the hardship and the joy of daily frontier life.
During the last few years he has, with his team, determinedly participated in the turnaround process of our Networks business and in the introduction of commercial 3G networks technology, as well as decisively strengthened Nokia's capabilities in the core networks area.
Commons Leader Peter Hain told the newspaper, 'This confirms all my worst fears and is why I have so determinedly pushed for much tighter security and modern professional procedures in the House of Commons.
Taylor notes, as does Bush's homepage, that air and water quality appear to be improving, but critics point out that this is due largely to the effects of federal laws the Bush administration has worked determinedly to undermine.
delegation tried determinedly to edit the conference's boilerplate draft declaration of support for the Cairo consensus by deleting references to reproductive health, family planning services, sexual health, and condoms, among other changes.
Stinging criticism - but criticism not quite borne out by the same paper's merit marks, which said of Woody (pictured): "Mobile, strong and determinedly dogged early on.
Diane is determinedly single because she cannot stand to be touched since she was raped in her youth.
Charged with the task of cracking bedrock disagreements about health policy, a 17-member joint House-Senate conference committee is doggedly, determinedly working to resolve differences between the Senate-passed Prescription Drug and Medicare Improvement Act and the House-passed Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernization Act of 2003.
He has his foibles--an over-reliance on mechanical gimmicks and a tendency to work too long at a certain kind of ballet or even with a certain kind of music--but generally speaking he is a wonderful choreographer who has (here comes the maverick again) almost determinedly eschewed the wider fame his genius deserved.
He was always at them, lighting, re-lighting, puffing determinedly, moaning with despair at the shoddy plug that hung like a zeppelin between his lips.
It was hard earned and Dunvant led only by 13-6 with the wind, but they fought determinedly and forced the visitors to chase the game.
Its beauty lay in the simplicity of it all and how determinedly not-easy to skate it was.
Many have been overshadowed by the fame of Nelson yet their lives answer one great question: why did the Royal Navy fight so well and so determinedly for over twenty-five years to defeat the threat that France posed to world order.
Anyway, self-important cullud folks who determinedly wrap themselves in whatever elite credentials they have acquired or were born with almost never have a sly sense of humor like hers.
The home side almost found late consolation through Lunt and substitute Colin Little but Wednesday defended determinedly to secure the points.