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determine the root of the problem

To find or ascertain the cause of a particular problem or issue. The plumber has determined the root of the problem, and it doesn’t sound too costly to fix, thank goodness.
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*root of the problem

an understanding of the causes or basis of a problem. (*Typically: determine ~; figure out ~; find ~; get to ~; get at ~.) It will take a little more study to get to the root of the problem. Let's stop avoiding the issue and get at the root of the problem.
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bound and determined to

Firmly resolved to, as in He was bound and determined to finish the assignment before taking on another. This phrase is a redundancy used for emphasis, as bound and determined here both mean "resolved to." Also see bound to.
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The survey team will determine if each resident is provided with nourishing, palatable, attractive meals that meet the resident's daily nutritional and special dietary needs, if each resident is provided services to maintain or improve eating skills, and if the dining experience enhances the resident's quality of life and is supportive of the resident's needs, including food service and staff support during dining.
A look at the facts surrounding the outbreak to determine if anything seems unusual or indicative of bioterrorism should suffice.
Implementation of automation systems has provided a strong incentive for libraries to embark on staffing studies to at least determine a more appropriate staff configuration based on objective data if not to examine cost (specific studies are discussed later in this article).
It is up to the clinical judgement of the rehabilitation counselor to determine when these reactions are no longer adaptive for the individual and should be thought of as an adjustment problem or psychopathlology.
The rules help determine the extent to which a partner is deemed to bear the economic risk of loss for a partnership liability when it holds a partnership interest through a disregarded entity.
In addition, the proposed regulations adopt a direct benefit test that will require taxpayers to determine at the inception of any service-offering component the precise identity of the affiliates that will consume that component.
The proposed regulations help determine what an item is.
Recently, the Tax Court had to determine the taxation of a payment in divorce that was related to a pension plan in a community property state.
3]He has a 1/v dependence, where v is the neutron velocity, which is used to determine the absolute beam polarization through a time-of-flight (TOF) measurement.
This is better than the requirement, and we determine that this offers us the benefit of being able to track earned value deviations more efficiently and therefore ensure cost and schedule accountability to a greater degree.
The major objective of this PA is to determine the role of gene--environment interactions and genetic diversity in the health disparity of premature birth.
Ultimately, instructors using online discussion must determine and defend their own educational rationales.
Their method was first developed to determine the power needed to mix a non-Newtonian fluid using the apparent viscosity [[mu].
The attitude or approach that officers take in the initial response to a missing child call actually may determine whether the child is recovered and returned home safely, remains missing, or, worse yet, is found dead.