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deter (someone or something) from (something)

To cause or encourage someone not to do something. The threat of rain deterred us from going to the beach this weekend.
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deter someone or something from something

to prevent or discourage someone or a group from doing something. We can't seem to deter them from leaving. They were not deterred from their foolish ways.
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You don't have speed unless you can accelerate above your race pace despite fatigue and when anaerobic acidosis is a major determent in your ability to outpace a close competitor.
A landlord may be less willing to entertain a rent reduction or determent if doing do will make it difficult for the landlord to meet its own financial obligations.
Encouraging Council members to 'get closer' and 'strengthen' their relationship with the CHRE, at the meeting Mr Harris said: "The CHRE are really important and we need to be seen by the CHRE as an effective regulator, but they are not the sole determent.
Control III Elite - Ready-to-use determent and disinfectant.
Qichao Liu, Determent of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35205.
Furthermore, we find that the fairness doctrine, in operation actually inhibits the presentation of controversial issues of the public importance to the determent of the public in degradation of editorial prerogative of broadcast journalists (FCC, Inquiry into the Fairness Doctrine Obligations of Broadcast Licensees, 1985).
Second, this study further strengthened social capital theory, because trust was found to remain an important determent of Taiwanese firm competitiveness, even in intensely competitive high-tech industries, and even during the more stable later stage of firm development.
While the use of the premier One-Stop Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire provided immediate convenience and face validity its psychometric shortcomings are a determent to quantitative outcome research.
The aim of this study is to determent the species of parasitoids with flesh fly.
I believe it just didn't happen on the day so I'm determent to give it another go before the season's out.
Swauger and Tomlin (2000) stated staff nurses reported fall determent and staff/others/ patient safety as the two most often used rationales for restraint use.
It is the belief of the authors that social work literature, which is often dominated by reductionist, quantitatively-based research studies, has increasingly ignored theoretical explorations of key social problems such as depression, to the determent of the profession and the disciplines which inform it.
203, 212 (1984)) (noting that such justifications include developments in the law subsequent to the precedential decision, the need to reconcile a decision with new facts, and a showing that the precedent had become a determent to predictability in the law).
Some co-ops have a tendency to get lax on their collections, to the determent of the co-op, he notes.