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the devil is in the detail(s)

Plans, actions, or situations that seem sound must be carefully examined, because minor details can end up causing major, unforeseen problems. Double check your code—with software, the devil is in the details.
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God is in the detail(s)

Any action or plan one undertakes should be done carefully and pragmatically; attention to small details will ultimately yield the greatest results. Remember that God is in the detail, so make sure everything is in order before you begin.
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fill in the details

To give information about a particular topic, sometimes by actually writing it in the blank space on a form. Please fill in the details about your medical history on this form. Who are you dating? Come on, fill in the details for me!
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detail someone for something

to choose someone to do a particular task. (Originally military.) Sam detailed Private Bailey for guard duty. Donna was detailed for some extra work.
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detail someone to someone or something

to assign someone to someone or a group. (Military.) I will detail Private Bailey to that job. The general detailed a lieutenant to the platoon that was going to the front.
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down to the last detail

considering all of the details. Jean planned the party very carefully, down to the last minute. Mary wanted to be in charge of everything right down to the last detail.
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go into detail(s)

to give all the details; to present and discuss the details. The clerk went into detail about the product with the customer. I just want a simple answer. Don't go into details.
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in detail

with lots of details; giving all the details. (Often used with an adjective showing the level of detail, such as great, enormous, etc., as in the second example.) I explained the policy to the customer in detail. We planned the entire project in great detail.
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go into detail

to explain or discuss each feature or every part of something Begin the research paper with a general introduction and then go into detail.
Usage notes: often used in the form not go into detail: The band needed a rest from performing but wouldn't go into detail about why.
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in detail

in a complete way that includes everything in depth I can't talk about public education in detail, but in my opinion it is generally very good.
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the gory details

the interesting details about an event I hear you went away with Stuart. I want to hear all the gory details.
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in detail

With close attention to particulars; thoroughly. For example, She explained her theory in detail. It is also put as go into detail, meaning "to investigate thoroughly," as in You know what I mean, so I needn't go into detail. The first expression dates from about 1600, the second from the late 1800s.
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in detail

With attention to particulars; thoroughly or meticulously: explained her proposal in detail.
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