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detail (one) to (someone or something)

To assign one to someone or something. This phrase is typically used in a military setting. Oh, great, my superior detailed me to latrine duty.
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detail for (something)

To assign a particular task. A noun or pronoun can be used between "detail" and "for." Oh, great, my superior detailed me for latrine duty.
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Moving the detailed testing and reporting guidance formerly in SAS no.
CircuitFire is also used within the design sign-off stage to evaluate temperature gradient effects on the electrical characteristics within a detailed sign-off flow.
In this section, you'll find detailed information on the following disorders:
This report provides a detailed analysis of the Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing industry in the US, including key growth trends, the competitive environment and the key issues facing the industry.
Detailed profiles are provided for light vehicle importers which comprise of company composition and ownership, a brief history of Australian operations and the marques distributed, market performance and what has affected this, sales by models within the various segments together with financial performance company contact details.
The Company submitted a detailed Social and Environmental Impact Assessment ("SEIA") to the provincial government environmental regulating authority CODEMA on May 27th notifying the government of its intentions to permit Calcatreu for production.
The report is giving a detailed analysis of the different companies involved in MEMS business:
BOSTON -- AIR Worldwide Corporation (AIR) today announced its Mediterranean Region Earthquake Model is now available in its detailed risk modeling software system, CLASIC/2(TM).
These detailed drawings are required for each steel component of a structure, including beams, bolts and welds.
Until now, Web2CAD AG was Thomas Industrial Network's technology partner for the creation of sophisticated and detailed product information including 2D CAD drawings and 3D solid models that can be used by manufacturers.