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detach (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from its connection to someone or something else. This phrase can be used literally or figuratively. I detached the broken shutters from the house. When the teacher realized that I was the one talking, she detached me from the rest of my classmates for a scolding.
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detach someone or something from someone or something

to separate or disconnect someone or something from someone or something. The high command detached Wallace from his platoon. The technician detached the sensors from Harry's chest.
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It's possible that Samsung is making this new detachable Chromebook to prepare for Android apps becoming fully compatible with Chrome OS.
There are all sorts of reasons to use detachable scope mounts, and today there are models for every budget and purpose.
If you have iron sights, a detachable makes sense, even if the likelihood of actually using it is low.
Leather east west tote with detachable shoulder strap, Smith & Canova
The Danes had flintlock pistols manufactured at the Kronborg Arms Factory that were fitted with detachable shoulder stocks in, 1815, but by 1827 they had been withdrawn.
The true-rms Fluke 365 AC/DC Clamp Meter measures up to 200A AC/DC with the detachable jaw, and provides voltage measurement up to 600V AC/DC.
45 Colt revolvers and their detachable stocks were real enough, though probably fewer than 30 of them were ever produced, their barrels between 12 and 16 inches long.
Features: articulated knees, snow cuffs, waist adjusters, fleece waistband, detachable braces.
of Riverdale, New Jersey, consists of a detachable rack frame that is housed in its own protective host enclosure.
Pale grey knit with detachable bow, pounds 35, Top Shop.
Easy to take apart and store away and the soap suds handle is detachable and easy to use.
The proposal contains clauses relating to both those systems which were included in the initial design and those which are sold as extra detachable parts.
The ARP-1715BW is a 15" LCD workstation with 60-key, 24 function keys membrane keypad and a modular computer unit that is detachable and easily removed from the display.
Base EQ Parka 100% nylon with polyester fill, detachable hood, lift-ticket ring.