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despoil (something) of (something)

To rob something valuable from a particular place or thing. I can't believe that someone despoiled the art museum by stealing an original Picasso. It seems that someone else despoiled the ancient tomb of its jewels before we got here.
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despoil something of something

to make something, such as a town, tomb, or building, lose value by stealing from it; to rob something of something. The vandals despoiled the castle of much of its furnishings. The land was despoiled of its fertility by overplanting.
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It was by and for Christ that this earth was made, which means it is sinfully wrong--it is a tragedy of enormous proportions--to destroy, degrade or despoil it.
Petersburg Addendum is a gripping original novel pitting a catcher of king crabs and an Alaskan state representative against the unmitigated greed of corporate interests seeking to strip Alaska's natural resources and despoil the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Indigenous communities have asserted long-ignored rights; refused to tolerate mining, oil and other projects that despoil their land, threaten their health and destroy their livelihoods; networked with each other nationally, regionally and even globally; and worked closely with non-indigenous allies around the world.
He thinks to see his lady, her face rigid and obdurate, ferocious in her white dress covered by Pallas's armor, seeming to tie Cupid to the olive tree, to pluck his feathers and despoil him of his weapons.
No industry is more affected by oil spills that despoil our water and beaches.
He also notes that "tourism is a very positive ecological industry," because "if you despoil the environment, you ruin the attraction itself.
Replace love and peace instead of fights Observe how we pollute and despoil Then severely waste our supply of oil Watch as we destroy the air that keeps us going
This provision would further despoil California's business climate, and ought to be unnecessary if -- as clean-money advocates contend -- the system saved the state billions by curtailing public corruption.
The more people who know how incredibly diverse and rich the wildlife populations are up there, the more people will realize that some things are too precious to despoil for petroleum.
Pressure for development has been partly resisted by the Government, which wants local authorities to approve new-build on brownfield sites rather than despoil further the countryside.
First is the increasingly common but untenable characterization of the medieval period, beginning with Lynn White's troubling misreading of the Genesis injunction in 1:28 to "replenish the earth, and subdue it," as being responsible for the notion that people have a divine brief to subjugate and despoil nature rather than act in due humility as stewards over it.
Opponents argue that the 24 square mile project would despoil the sound both aesthetically and ecologically.
It's the same scheme that gives the owners of windmill installations the right to despoil the countryside and laugh all the way to the bank with their subsidies.
WE do not need to despoil our hillsides with shrieking turbines.
CLF opposes the Bush administration's policies that threaten to despoil millions of acres of pristine forest--including over 100,000 acres in New England's Green Mountain and White Mountain National Forests--that provide wildlife habitat, clean water and recreational opportunities.