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despise (one) for (something)

To hate one for a particular reason. Don't even mention Tiffany's name to me—I despise her for starting that rumor about me last year.
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despise someone for something

to hate someone for something or for doing something. I just despise him for running away! She despised herself for her dishonest actions.
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In contrast, for despised individuals, the pattern was the opposite: removing contact only increased the sweater's value while preventing the sale to others significantly reduced participants' willingness to purchase it," the authors concluded.
SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2" (2004): "Baby Geniuses" might just be one of the most despised movies of all time, not just by critics, but by people who sat through it.
But his reception was quite different: He was roundly dismissed, even despised, like the stuff of Pop itself.
Robbins appears to have despised himself--that "other Jerry," ever so briefly a communist--for naming names to HUAC.
Politicians at home don't want to further embarrass an important Cold War ally, and Judge Dan Haywood (Spencer Tracy) is pressured to dismiss the charges against German jurist Ernst Janning (Butt Lancaster), who always despised the Nazis and allowed only a few injustices to be perpetrated against a handful of persons.
Tan" is a very dark and therefore highly despised child born to Rozelle "Rosie" Quinn and Clarence Otis Yardley, or "Crow," a traveling man.
In 52:13-15, God declares that the servant "shall be exalted and lifted up," much to the surprise of those who despised him.
Worrried that MacArthur, whom he despised, might run and win, he was, willing to step aside to prevent the famous military hero from becoming president.
And his essay "Writing Robeson" is a fascinating analysis of the general problems of writing biography and the particular advantages he had as a gay person writing about an African American figure, since both "shared status as outsiders--outsiders who to a significant degree had been 'let in,' had been treated by the mainstream as an acceptable representative of an otherwise despised group.
In spite of our contribution to Haitian culture, we are still misunderstood and despised," Philippe Castera, a voodoo priest, told the Associated Press.
It was a feeble cry for help because I despised myself.
He opposes to the form that Benda despised, which he terms the "pathos of glory," a "pathos of shakenness" which is answerable only to the demands of integrity and which dissents from all ideologies.
Utilization review has long been one of the managed care tools most despised by physicians, so eliminating it could have some significant public relations benefits for the HMO.
They were acting in the name of people, but they despised them.