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by design

Deliberately and purposefully; as one planned or intended. I assure you that everything you saw has happened by design.
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a camel is a horse designed by a committee

Committees, due to their reliance on several different opinions and viewpoints, produce results that are fragmented, inefficient, or of poor quality, especially compared to the work of a single individual or a small team. A: "Did you see this latest memo? Can you believe the asinine decisions the task force made?" B: "Well, a camel is a horse designed by a committee."

(whether) by accident or design

Intentionally or not. Whether by accident or design, those high school kids have really created a solid, sustainable business.
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design something for someone

to conceive of something for someone; to draw up plans of something for someone. Ann designed a new kitchen for us. Would you design a book cover for me?
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design something for something

to conceive of something that is to be part of something else; to draw up plans for something that is to be part of something else. The engineers designed a cure for the rattling problem. Bob, the computer programmer, designed a fix for the bug in the program. She designed a system of shelving for the library.
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have designs on someone or something

Fig. to have plans to exploit or somehow take advantage of someone or something. Mrs. Brown has designs on my apple tree. I think she's going to cut off the part that hangs over her fence. Mary has designs on Bill. I think she'll try to date him.
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(whether) by accident or design

whether intended to be this way or not The system, whether by accident or design, benefits people who live in the cities more than people who live in the country.
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more by accident than (by) design

because of luck and not because of skill I kicked the ball and, more by accident than design, it found its way into the net.
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have designs on somebody

to want to have a sexual relationship with someone She suspected that Helen had designs on her husband.
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have designs on something

to want to have something and to plan to get it I knew that David had designs on my half of the business.
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by design

On purpose, deliberately, as in Whether by luck or by design, his application was accepted. This term, originally put as on design, uses design in the sense of "plan." [First half of 1600s]
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have designs on

Contrive a secret plot or scheme, especially with selfish motives. For example, I think he has designs on my job, or Mary has designs on her sister's boyfriend. This term uses design in the sense of "a crafty plan," a usage dating from about 1700.
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Complete moldmaking and designing facilities, specializing in larger molds to 40,000 lb.
Company has complete designing and mold building facility, utilizing CAD/CAM, CNC machining centers and CNC vertical and wire EDM.
We're thrilled to be able to give our contestants this unique opportunity to put their entries in front of some of the top designing experts in the automotive industry," said Matt Stone, executive editor of MOTOR TREND.
Magma provides leading software for designing highly complex integrated circuits while maximizing quality of results with respect to area, timing and power, and at the same time reducing overall design cycles and costs.
Drawing upon their extensive IC design experience, Silicon Dimensions experts developed Chip2Nite, a unique design planning platform that empowers logic designers to understand the physical constraints and complexities associated with designing integrated circuits to dramatically increase performance and efficiently reduce design iterations, costs and cycle times.
In addition, the companies have expanded the scope of their collaborative services to support customers designing from RTL to placed-gates, providing the appropriate level of assistance to meet each customers' particular project needs.
1i are both user-friendly, intuitive environments, designers get up and running quickly and easily and can immediately begin designing with Xilinx devices.
Customers designing complex systems are asking for a new generation of electronic design," said Penny Herscher, Cadence executive vice president and general manager.
While designing in a TeamPCB partition, a designer can view edits from other partitions in two ways.
The program was developed in conjunction with member companies to address the rising cost of designing multi-million gate chips and the severe penalties of making uninformed decisions early in the design cycle.
With the cost of designing a chip skyrocketing, it is critical to be able to determine very early in the design cycle whether all timing, power, and cost requirements can be met.
This international conference, which takes place through December 4th, focuses on Universal Design, a concept for designing products and life space including equipment and architecture, with the goal of making them accessible to every person.
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