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a civil question deserves a civil answer

If someone asks a reasonable question, then it warrants an answer. Often used as a reprimand. Why won't you answer me, Alice? A civil question deserves a civil answer! All Jim did was ask about your day. Come on, a civil question deserves a civil answer.

deserve a medal

To warrant recognition for persevering through a challenging or tedious situation. This phrase is usually used humorously. Our realtor deserves a medal for putting up with all of our questions today.
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deserve better from (someone or something)

To warrant better treatment from someone or something than one is currently receiving. I'm sorry, but you deserve better from your husband—he shouldn't speak to you so rudely. With how hard you work every day, you deserve better from your employer.
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deserve credit for (someone or something)

To warrant recognition for something that one has done. Howie is the one who deserves credit for how successful our presentation was—he stayed late every day this week to work on it.
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one good turn deserves another

A favor or kind deed should be repaid in kind. You were a lifesaver for us when we needed a babysitter last week, so I'm happy to help now—one good turn deserves another, after all.
See also: another, deserve, good, one, turn

deserve better from someone or something

to merit better treatment from someone. We deserve better from someone who is supposed to be our friend. I deserve better from Bill.
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deserve credit for something

[for someone] to be owed recognition for doing something. He certainly deserves credit for the work he did on the project.
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None but the brave deserve the fair.

Prov. Only a courageous and gallant man deserves a beautiful woman.; Only the best deserves the best. Stop making excuses and just call Gina. None but the brave deserve the fair.
See also: brave, but, deserve, fair, none

One good turn deserves another.

Prov. If someone does you a favor, you should do a favor for that person in return. Jill: Thanks for the ride. Jane: It's the least I can do after you helped me wash the car last week. One good turn deserves another. Child: I don't want to help Grandma go shopping. Father: But she helped you with your homework yesterday. And one good turn deserves another.
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one good turn deserves another

A favor should be returned in kind, as in I'll give you a ride next time-one good turn deserves another. This maxim was first recorded about 1400, and the converse, One bad turn deserves another, about 1500.
See also: another, deserve, good, one, turn

one good turn deserves another

if someone does you a favour, you should take the chance to repay it.
See also: another, deserve, good, one, turn

ˌget what you deˈserve


deˌserve all/everything you ˈget

(informal) used to say that you think somebody has earned the bad things that happen to them: I’m not sorry he’s in prison. In my opinion, he got what he deserved.
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he, she, etc. deˌserves a ˈmedal

(spoken) used to say that you admire somebody because they have done something difficult or unpleasant: You deserve a medal for what you’ve done for him over the years.
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ˌone good ˌturn deserves aˈnother

(saying) if somebody helps you with something, you should help them in return
See also: another, deserve, good, one, turn
References in classic literature ?
Trade and commerce, if they were not made of india-rubber, would never manage to bounce over obstacles which legislators are continually putting in their way; and if one were to judge these men wholly by the effects of their actions and not partly by their intentions, they would deserve to be classed and punished with those mischievious persons who put obstructions on the railroads.
said the curate; "then by my faith he must take up his quarters in the yard, in spite of his marvellous birth and visionary adventures, for the stiffness and dryness of his style deserve nothing else; into the yard with him and the other, mistress housekeeper.
These must be, not chivalry, but poetry," said the curate; and opening one he saw it was the "Diana" of Jorge de Montemayor, and, supposing all the others to be of the same sort, "these," he said, "do not deserve to be burned like the others, for they neither do nor can do the mischief the books of chivalry have done, being books of entertainment that can hurt no one.
A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages, to deserve the word; and besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half-deserved.
Poyser has been expressing on your behalf and on his own, and it will always be my heartiest wish to deserve them.
It 'ud be nonsense for me to be saying, I don't at all deserve th' opinion you have of me; that 'ud be poor thanks to you, to say that you've known me all these years and yet haven't sense enough to find out a great deal o' the truth about me.
I don't like to be accused of distressing people when I don't deserve it," she said.
Former stable jockey Joe Mercer "It is absolutely fantastic and nobody deserves it more.
All you have to do is nominate your dad and tell us why he deserves the prize and why you think he is the best dad in South Wales.
The fact that you seem to think a person who deserves a knighthood should be doing something towards the community makes me ask the question.
registered voters currently are closely divided on whether President Barack Obama deserves re-election, with 46% saying he does and 50% saying he does not.
She has said she'll support whatever decision Cheryl makes, but privately believes she deserves better," the friend added.
He said: "I think the supporters deserve better, the manager (Giovanni Trapattoni) deserves better and probably most of the players deserve better, but I'm not sure the FAI deserve better.
Not only does the council not deserve praise for this mega flip-flop, it deserves to be publicly excoriated.
I DON'T believe that Mike Newell deserves to be sacked as Luton manager just because he holds prehistoric opinions about women.