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a civil question deserves a civil answer

If someone asks a reasonable question, then it warrants an answer. Often used as a reprimand. Why won't you answer me, Alice? A civil question deserves a civil answer! All Jim did was ask about your day. Come on, a civil question deserves a civil answer.

deserve a medal

To warrant recognition for persevering through a challenging or tedious situation. This phrase is usually used humorously. Our realtor deserves a medal for putting up with all of our questions today.
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deserve better from (someone or something)

To warrant better treatment from someone or something than one is currently receiving. I'm sorry, but you deserve better from your husband—he shouldn't speak to you so rudely. With how hard you work every day, you deserve better from your employer.
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deserve credit for (someone or something)

To warrant recognition for something that one has done. Howie is the one who deserves credit for how successful our presentation was—he stayed late every day this week to work on it.
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deserve better from someone or something

to merit better treatment from someone. We deserve better from someone who is supposed to be our friend. I deserve better from Bill.
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deserve credit for something

[for someone] to be owed recognition for doing something. He certainly deserves credit for the work he did on the project.
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None but the brave deserve the fair.

Prov. Only a courageous and gallant man deserves a beautiful woman.; Only the best deserves the best. Stop making excuses and just call Gina. None but the brave deserve the fair.
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One good turn deserves another.

Prov. If someone does you a favor, you should do a favor for that person in return. Jill: Thanks for the ride. Jane: It's the least I can do after you helped me wash the car last week. One good turn deserves another. Child: I don't want to help Grandma go shopping. Father: But she helped you with your homework yesterday. And one good turn deserves another.
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one good turn deserves another

A favor should be returned in kind, as in I'll give you a ride next time-one good turn deserves another. This maxim was first recorded about 1400, and the converse, One bad turn deserves another, about 1500.
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We put a lot of pressure on them in the second half and I think we got the goal we deserved," Parker said.
We didn't deserve to lose, we had a lot of chances and we deserved to win the game and championship.
This honour is deserved recognition for an outstanding training career spanning six decades to date.
The Directorate General of Education in the Governorate of Al Buraimi came second and deserved the Ministry s Cup with cash award.
Gallup's last measurement before the 1994 midterm elections, in October, showed 38% of Americans (and the same percentage of registered voters) saying Clinton deserved re-election, with the majority of 57% saying he did not.
O'Neill said ""We deserved to lose 5-1 to Rangers last season but to be honest since then we have deserved to win all of the Old Firm games.
CRYSTAL PALACE boss Steve Bruce reckoned his young side deserved their Worthington Cup glory long before they clinched victory at Everton on a penalty shoot-out.
Americans, in my view, provided good music and deserved their awards.
ALAN Freeman thoroughly deserved his lifetime achievement honour at the Sony Radio Awards.
But in the case of Madonna and Tina Turner, not only is the term deserved, but it might even need a little augmentation, like ultra.
Praise should be given when it is deserved and earned, regardless of other factors.
Canada's Top 40 Under 40 organizers congratulate Derek Burney on this achievement it is well deserved," said Douglas Caldwell, chairman of The Caldwell Partners International and founder of Canada's Top 40 Under 40 Awards program.
Nothing against Birmingham, which deserved to win both games, but Starr and Taft is due.
THOMAS LEVET surged to the top of the Open leaderboard and then declared that Colin Montgomerie deserved to win more than he did.