deserve credit for

deserve credit for (someone or something)

To warrant recognition for something that one has done. Howie is the one who deserves credit for how successful our presentation was—he stayed late every day this week to work on it.
See also: credit, deserve

deserve credit for something

[for someone] to be owed recognition for doing something. He certainly deserves credit for the work he did on the project.
See also: credit, deserve
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WARREN Gatland has turned the heat up on Eddie O'Sullivan by declaring: "I deserve credit for Ireland's Triple Crown successes.
Gerry Murphy and the Academy staff deserve credit for bringing them through, the board deserve credit for backing the youth policy and Peter Jackson deserves enormous credit for giving the club's youngsters their chance at first-team level.
A lot of teams would have stuck their tails between their legs after what we went through but they haven't done that, and they deserve credit for that.
But I have seen some of the best artists in the country at this year's event and I think the organisers deserve credit for bringing them here
It has created work and possibilities It was high risk and those involved deserve credit for taking chances and, so far, looking smart.
reason and Cathy Young deserve credit for opening a dialogue, but they would be doing a greater service through a more extensive investigation into this hijacking of the justice system.
After Saturday's dire display Sunderland deserve credit for a spirited, if unspectacular performance in terrible conditions.
NOT many layers gave Brentford a hope of winning the Division Two title at the start of the season, although Ladbrokes' compilers deserve credit for going only 25-1 when 50-1 was available elsewhere.
Regardless, Langan and his colleagues at the Catholic Civil Rights League deserve credit for forthrightly countering the brazen political attacks in this nasty election campaign upon the sanctity of human life and other transcendent truths of the Christian faith.
As she concludes: "The Islamic Republic does deserve credit for one of the twentieth century's most important legacies.
The leaders of the ABA, AICPA, the National Association of Enrolled Agents, and the American Tax Policy Institute all deserve credit for working together (along with a team from TEI) in putting this conference together.
many loyal 12 Horse Ale fans deserve credit for the return of 12 Horse Ale," said Charles B.
Marin's collaborators deserve credit for the whimsical mix of fantasy and reality.
Still, a growing number of companies deserve credit for their candor, including many not known for their clean, green image.
I believe that the Administration and the Congress deserve credit for their willingness to confront this-complex and difficult legislative task.