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describe (someone or something) as (something)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something. Anyone who describes you as "shy" must not know you very well, chatterbox! I wouldn't describe the car as "new" per se—but don't worry, it's in very good condition.
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describe (someone or something) to (someone)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something to someone else. If you describe Bill to me, I might remember him. Can you describe the situation to me? I'm not sure what is going on.
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describe someone or something as something

to describe or portray a person or a thing as something or as being in some particular state. Would you describe her as a woman of average height? We described the building as a collection of contemporary architectural clichés.
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describe someone or something to someone

to characterize or portray a particular person or thing to someone. Will you describe her to me, please? Please describe yourself to me so I will know you.
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Waterhouse isn't quite skeptical of language; more as if he feels that nothing is truly describable, and he's interested in playing with the boundaries of this insufficieniy.
Isn't it possible that dharma in the dharmasastra is quite distinct from dharma in the Mahabharata, and yet consistent within a describable range in its own lineage of thought?
Ideally for many purposes, capital should accrue year-over-year in a smoothly defined arc borne by earnings, with a hint of acceleration that is smoothly describable as well.
Today, those purported villains operate plants throughout the South, making the offshoring/outsourcing debate complex and not describable in easy slogans.
He thus aims to show how free will, including our veridical experience of a 'gap' between antecedent conditions and voluntary decisions and actions, exists in the same physical being whose brain and bodily behavior are describable in neurobiological terms.
All that betrays it as live is the occasional discreet cough - and the scarcely describable tension that accompanies live performances and brings what is most important - inspiration.
A place that is so describable, yet so indescribable because as much as you can try to describe it, you just can't, that's just the way it is.
In the last 10 years, great strides have been made toward understanding the inherent genetic, or genotypic, material that conveys those traits--invisible to us, but expressing itself in observable, describable ways.
In some ways, Wallace's suggestion seems obvious, but in an era when each state seems exhaustively describable in terms of a color, perhaps the obvious is exactly what we need.
The second result of the search for meaning was "the emerging notion of the Civil War dead as a describable and shared national loss that transcended individual bereavements.
In contrast to the Aristotelian and neo-Aristotelian conceptions of motion as natural to and inherent in objects, during the late sixteenth century motion is reconceived as an entirely relative phenomenon, describable only because of a particular distance (physical, epistemological, and metaphysical) from it.
The National Health Service, better known for its nurture of death-dealing maniacs like Harold Shipman than for anything describable as care, continued to balloon.
Processes need not be identical but they should be describable with a common vocabulary and syntax.