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gol dern

 and gol dang
Rur. God damn.; God-damned. Gol dern it, Mary, shut the screen door! Them bugs is get-tin' in here in droves. The gol dang car's in the shop again.
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You're dern tootin'!

Rur. You are absolutely right! (Never the full form tooting.) Tom: Are you really going to take up boxing? Bob: You're dern tootin'! Father: Do you really want to buy that droopy-looking puppy? Bill: You're dern tootin'!
See also: dern
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The tall Garcia, who won her first two matches comfortably, dominated the fight all the way through, but Dern managed a penalty point and showed tremendous agility to hold on to it till the end.
The daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, who " The daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, wh divorced when she was two, Dern was a fully fledged actress by the time she was Hazel's age.
And Dern liked it enough to greenlight it for production during a narrow window of availability this spring.
It's a bittersweet meditation on growing old and is rich in both pathos and humour with Dern, who made his name in the 1970s, in rousing form.
The aging Woody Grant, played by a pitch-perfect Dern, is convinced he's hit it rich after receiving a sweepstakes scam designed to bait people into purchasing magazine subscriptions.
NEBRASKA (15) BRUCE DERN is Woody Grant, a stubborn, hard-drinking pensioner who decides to travel from Montana to Nebraska.
For models that we've delivered lots of before with the same engineering, we have the authority, delegated to us by the FAA" to certify, Dern added.
Syn dicate According to Laura Dern, not every kind of woman is allowed onto America's movie or television screens.
THE EXTRAS Trailer, commentary, making-of special and interview with Bruce Dern.
American actress and daughter of Bruce Dern and Diana Ladd, whose films include Jurassic Park and Wild at Heart.
There will also be a special distinction award presented to the director-actress team of David Lynch and Laura Dern.
Happy Endings costars Steve Coogan and David Sutcliffe as a gay couple, Laura Dern and Sarah Clarke as lesbians, and Jason Ritter as a sexually confused man with Maggie Gyllenhaal as the girl who helps him "decide.
Although I can still hear the voices of Hector Elizondo, Laura Dern, John Lithgow, Gary Sinise and Eli Wallach (and many others) narrating the TV program, a reader doesn't need to have seen the series to enjoy and appreciate this volume.
Coming Home, starring Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern and Robert Carradine in this highly-acclaimed motion picture.