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derive (something) from (someone or something)

1. To gain something from a particular source. Liz definitely derived her athletic ability from her father, who used to be a professional baseball player. My mother derives great joy from cooking, but I simply don't.
2. To originate or emerge from a particular source. I think this word derives from Greek, but what does it say in the dictionary?
3. To trace the genesis or origin of something to a particular source. After a period of careful study, the linguist derived that term from Latin.
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derive from something

to come from something; to evolve from something. (Usually in reference to a word and its etymological history.) This word derives from an ancient Celtic word. What does the English word skirt derive from?
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derive something from someone or something

to draw or abstract something from someone or something. She derives a lot of spiritual support from her religion. She derives her patience from her mother.
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derive something from something

to show how something is descended from something else. Is it possible to derive this word from Greek? Is this word derived from Latin?
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derive from

1. To obtain or receive something from some source: I derive great pleasure from listening to music.
2. To issue or originate from some source: The word "peninsula" derives from the Latin words for "almost" and "island."
3. To trace the origin or development of something, as a word, from some source: The language scholar derived the word from ancient Greek.
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Djankov can deriver that and explain how Africa's number one problem-corruption--can only be cut by introducing the rule of law.
When that information--derived from openly interfacing technologies and permitted by appropriate regulatory controls--can be shared among co-ordinated teams, airports will deriver the most sophisticated, expedient, and effective solutions possible against present and future threats.
Our goal is to enhance our mission accomplishment and deriver a combat-credible Navy now and in the future," Clark said in his 2004 Guidance.
Another main reason has to do with whether or not a male will actually deriver on the promise of parental care.
Harding at the Iliff School of Theology in Deriver, Colorado, as part of the Veterans of Hope Project, documenting in word and video the stories of social justice activists.
By offering leading-edge technology, along with consultative, training and support services, providers such as the following companies deriver a host of business benefits to their clients.
Proponents of nanotechnology envision everything from improved water filtration devices for cleaning the environment to nanosized robots that can be injected into the body and deriver drugs to targeted cells.
Platform solutions for OEMs are now being created; these solutions deriver the four elements in an inexpensive chipset.
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies report that outsourcing partners do not currently deriver the scientific rigor and quality of service these companies demand in developing and manufacturing drugs, medical devices and other products.
The prototype toolset, as shown in Figure 1, includes a deriver, written in Ada, that produces constrained expression representations of concurrent system behavior from system descriptions in an Ada-like design language called CEDL.
Elle a ete operee a la fin du printemps deriver suite a la requete officielle adressee par des membres de la Chambre des representants au Departement d'Etat lui demandant de transferer une partie des fonds alloues a l'Egypte au profit de la Tunisie, que certains parlementaires considerent comme mieux placee et plus eligible a l'aide des Eetats-Unis eu egard apres sa transition vers une sa democratie de fraiche date.
Pre-Qualification: The deriver should be familiar with the topography of the bangalore and well versed in english/kannada/tamil/hindi languages
J'ai longtemps ete un fan absolu de Stephen King avant de deriver vers des lectures plus post-naturalistes du style d'American Psycho et Bret Easton Ellis et Fight Club de Chuck Palahniuk.