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deport someone (from some place) (to some other place)

to expel or exile someone from one place to another, usually back to their prior country of residence. The government deported Jane from this country to her homeland. They deported Tom to Brazil from this country.
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This is not the end of the road," a Home Office statement said, "and the government remains determined to deport Abu Qatada.
I called them more than 100 times in one day, asking them to deport me to Pakistan," he said.
In 2007, judges had decided it would be "irrational" to deport Chan Wright, 40, despite convictions for rape and dealing in cocaine.
The departing head of the UN mission in Iraq bluntly disputed Maliki's account of their farewell meeting, saying he did not embrace the government's efforts to deport the group.
Egypt has said it did not ask Kuwait to deport a group of Egyptians there who had backed former nuclear watchdog head Muhammad ElBaradei as a potential Egyptian presidential candidate.
Critics fall on both ends of the spectrum on this debate--some see it as not going far enough to address illegal immigration because only the worst criminal aliens will be deported; others think the initiative will be used to deport immigrants for such minor offenses as traffic violations.
Ex-IRA terrorist Pol Brennan, 55, had appealed to the Board of Immigration against a federal judge's decision to deport him to Ireland.
Commons Leader Harriet Harman yesterday insisted the Government would deport terror suspects who pose a threat to national security.
Imranuddin, UNHCR head on Afghan-Iran border near Nimroz confirmed the refugees' deportation and asked from Iran not to deport refugees.
By Tefsa-alem Tekle September 24, 2008 (ADDIS ABABA) -- After Sudanese Authorities deport some 80 Eritrean asylum seekers last week, Addis Ababa based Eritrean opposition, Democratic Movement for the liberation of Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK) condemn the action saying as "irresponsible action".
Earlier in the week, Bush said that it is not feasible to either grant illegal immigrants automatic citizenship or to deport all of them, and that he would work with both parties in Congress to find common ground on the issue.
The crimes Kauflin documents are so horrendous one wonders how the government erred and failed to deport the criminal illegals.
It also authorized the President to deport any alien he regarded as dangerous to the public safety.
The Government has signed treaties not to deport EU citizens, (25 countries at present, with Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey waiting) and we also cannot deport anyone married to a British citizen.
Nations around the world deport thousands of people every year for a variety of reasons.