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denude someone or something of something

to strip something from someone or something. The prison guards denuded the new prisoner of his garments. The wind denuded the trees of their leaves.
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08) as he had Ormesby Hall on his list of areas denude of flowers in any containers.
WASHINGTON, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Denude Med, a medical day spa in Annandale, Virginia, specializing in the treatment, restoration, and maintenance of the skin's appearance, announces the addition of dermaplaning to its extensive menu of skin care procedures.
Such work has not addressed logging, which removes only selected trees, or surface fires that burn down individual trees but do not denude the forest.
Contemporary films include Il Postino (this Friday), the new version of Graham Greene's The Quiet American (February 7), 8 Women starring Catherine Denude (March 7), Spanish director Padre Moldavar's Talk to Her (March 21), Rabbit-Proof Fence starring Kenneth Branagh (April 17), and Francis Ford Coppola presents Koyaanisqatsi.
Pjerrou fears MRC's long-term plan is to denude the area of timber, parcel it out, and sell it as real estate.
Denude Apparel plans a factory making its own range of clothes plus a chain of shops across the country.
Grazing animals denude fields, trample soils, and can increase erosion.