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denounce someone as something

to criticize someone as something; to publicly call someone something bad. The mayor denounced her opponent as a crook. Anne was denounced as a cheater.
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denounce someone for something

to criticize someone publicly for doing something. The candidate denounced the governor for raising taxes. Donna denounced the mayor for incompetence.
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If you know that it is false, you should protect the innocence of your neighbor with great steadfastness, affirming that it has not been done what the denouncer says has been done.
Ms De Fernandez also called upon countries across the globe to create local phone number helplines through the Internet calling network Skype, aimed at creating a frontline of support that facilitates contact with victims and denouncers.
A third dithers briefly then joins the denouncers wondering aloud why men such as this insist on playing out their private lives in public.
And like the Hispanic-hunting conservatives and their illegals, the denouncers of "theocracy" simply cannot let the Christians get anything right--and they also thereby meet one of the other conditions of scapegoating: using the supposed culprit to explain too much.
In reaction to the Christian vision the Roman populace condemned the Jesus people as atheists, denouncers of Roman gods, and betrayers of imperial security and prosperity.
The Mexican Inquisition devoted much time and effort to exhaustively recording the statements and writings not only of those accused of being false mystics, but also of a seemingly endless line of witnesses, denouncers, and defenders of the accused.
Like many opponents of intervention, Rauschenbusch was fiercely criticized, and his denouncers were quick to label him pro-German.
Anti-Semitic incidents ranged from anti-Jewish graffiti found in Courbevoie on February 19, 1945--"down with the war, down with the denouncers, the firing squad for all Jews"--to the arrest in the Netherlands of stateless Jews upon their return from Bergen-Belsen (these were Jews who arrived in the Netherlands in the 1930s from the Third Reich and had been deported during the German occupation) (Lagrou 2000, 255-6).
The studies under review here tend to hold that the denouncers, as Reed sharply claims, "were so preoccupied with, and so vehement about, the boundaries between 'Judaism' and 'Christianity' precisely because these boundaries were still being constructed, negotiated, contested, and blurred" (202) into the fourth century and beyond.
Among the denouncers of images, one writer has framed things in a most instructive way, since his point of view is exactly the opposite of the author's.
It was on Thursday afternoon that they came - these denouncers of Saddam, these fighters for freedom who tour the city in their vans.
Denouncers of the logos, especially those in the academy, prefer to bury or to truncate its meaning insofar as they reject not only standards of language but also standards of behavior.
But its denouncers argue that we don't know enough about long-term effects yet.
This apology, seemingly innocuous to a modern reader, proved particularly nettlesome to his critics for four reasons, all of which figure in the seventeen charges that his denouncers originally made against fray Luis, Grajal, and Cantalapiedra at the Vallodolid inquisition.
Although this hatred arose against the background of life in exile, the Israeli sovereignty we enjoy since the founding of the state does not greatly detract from that revulsion at denouncers and informers to which we became accustomed when we were dispersed among the nations.