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a non-denial denial

A statement that seems and/or is intended to act as a direct denial to an allegation, but which, when taken literally or examined closely, does not deny the allegation at all. The phrase is most commonly associated with evasive answers of politicians facing scrutiny or accusations of misconduct. When pressed by journalists over certain large, undisclosed expenditures he had recently made, the senator gave a classic non-denial denial of any wrongdoing, stating ambiguously that any such spending was simply associated with the running of his campaign.
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in denial

in a state of refusing to believe something that is true. Mary was in denial about her illness and refused treatment. Tom doesn't think he's an alcoholic because he's still in denial.
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He was a founding father of the heartbeat of denial that lives through both Trump's denials and the assertion that his racial views are abnormal for America and its presidents.
Registration/Eligibility As reflected in the denial data chart, registration/eligibility errors account for the largest percentage of denials, so they represent the best chance to improve overall revenue cycle performance.
The response should include the denial reason and any appeal rights the patient or hospital may have.
In contrast to the helping professions and popular culture, addiction and denial has received only peripheral interest in academic literature on organizations.
The preceding discussion suggests that the changes in the administrative handling of applications in the CPP disability program provided variation in the denial rates for disability benefits.
The will and denial belong to different ontological domains, but denial is more than a defense against despair, it is also a category mistake, related to an arbitrary will; still, as a linguistic act, denial must be understood developmentally.
DC residents are counting on the members of the League and others around the country to contact their members of Congress and urge them to support DC voting rights legislation, stop this denial of American rights and finally bring American democracy to America's capital.
While some have pointed to what they see as the shortcomings of the MSA, namely the size of UnumProvident's penalty, the failure to formally notice denials from 1997 to 1999, and why claim administered UnumProvident companies were not included, I am very positive on the MSA.
Denial in the sense that not all their needs are recognized, and the bargaining is going on as developers look to create facilities around the country.
The denial disparity ratio equals the denial rate for a particular racial category (for example, African American) divided by the denial rate for whites.
DDoS attacks occur when many hosts act in a cooperative manner to perform a joint denial of service attack, increasing the potential for overrunning the network dramatically.
Without the proper equipment, identifying reimbursement denials and filing appeals can be a costly and timeconsuming process.
A book by the American psychiatrist, M Scott Peck, Denial of the soul--spiritual and medical perspectives on euthanasia, although published in 1997, is today more relevant than ever.
Sheen notes that we are living in the only period of the world's history in which there is a universal denial of guilt.
47) While she argues that her evidence shows that "these comparisons matter deeply to us," (48) she is not able to show why status and identity, within an economy of desire, are so deeply important to us, other than that they are socially influenced by the envy of the four-fifths of those of the upper one-fifth (49)--and despite our constant denial of that envy.