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McDonald's will hardly be a den of iniquity, and it will create 75 new jobs and generate PS1.
Played primarily for laughs rather than pathos, Alicia tries to rescue her sister from this den of iniquity, but it ends in disaster.
This is Thompson Street, once a den of iniquity which made Cardiff's Tiger Bay look like a kiddies' playground.
A lot of people, Daily Mail readers largely, furiously gnashed their teeth about how such a televised crack den of iniquity would only further corrupt the nation's youth.
Den rediscovers engine Tom O'Brien was successful on his only ride of the day when partnering the 16-1 shot Den Of Iniquity to win the 2m4f handicap hurdle in the colours of Malcolm Denmark.
When company came to see us in the suburbs, we often herded them downstairs amid the lighted beer signs emulating some den of iniquity in the city.
Naked clients and sex workers fled the building in Aargau, Switzerland, as flames consumed the den of iniquity.
Whatever the truth, this was a worthwhile commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the band first playing The Cavern - which, for some reason, some parents thought of as a den of iniquity .
A strong case can be made for Den Of Iniquity in the Atlantic Enterprises Handicap Chase.
How many even deserve to be where they are today, perpetuating this den of iniquity we call the Republic of Cyprus administration?
Den of Iniquity represents last year's winning connections.
But as she gradually comes to the realization that the White House is a white man's den of iniquity and political repression, she gives in and turns into Deep Throat.
Although the idea of Reid's visit was to publicise the council-police partnership, which has turned Broad Street from a den of iniquity into the sort of place you could take your maiden aunt, council bods found themselves out of the loop.
It was a true den of iniquity for the city's burgeoning subculture.