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demur at (something)

To dispute or contest something. I'm sorry, but I demur at the suggestion that I'm not qualified for this job just because I made one mistake!
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without demur

Without objection or hesitation; at once. I knew he was broke, so I thought he'd accept my offer without demur. They'll never think of you as their peer if you agree to every order they give you without demur.
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demur at something

to dispute something; to challenge something. I fear I must demur at your suggestion that I am aloof and condescending. Alice demurred at the suggestion that she was late.
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without deˈmur

(formal) without objecting or hesitating: They accepted without demur.
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Asked to comment, Vischer demurs, quickly shifting to say "what an exciting time this is for the museum.
I'd love to say it's because I'm individualistic and deep too, but I don't know,'' she demurs, cackling.
I'm too uptight to go there," the 33-year-old filmmaker demurs when asked whether she herself got into the heroin experience.
But when he's asked to do anything else work-related, Bartleby always demurs with a firm yet tremulous ``I would prefer not to.
As for talk he will be a candidate for mayor if a new San Fernando Valley city is created, Hertzberg demurs.
The pope's underlings want to murder the child, but the Holy Father demurs, instructing, basically, that you gotta have faith.
But when asked about his relationship with his famous dad, who several years ago was the top Latin pop singer in the world but was apparently too busy to spend much time with his three children from his first marriage to a Spanish socialite, Iglesias demurs.
He demurs when Dharma asks if she's passed the audition, but laughs when she asks whether he can help pack up her drum kit.
So when he's asked about a perceived lack of love for the game on the part of the modern-day player, Scully demurs.
Truly - if unaccountably - in love with Laura, Kyle demurs when the evening's entertainment (porn actress Kobe Tai, evidently thrilled to be in a misogynistic movie that wasn't shot on videotape) offers extra pleasures for a price.