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demur at (something)

To dispute or contest something. I'm sorry, but I demur at the suggestion that I'm not qualified for this job just because I made one mistake!
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demur at something

to dispute something; to challenge something. I fear I must demur at your suggestion that I am aloof and condescending. Alice demurred at the suggestion that she was late.
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without deˈmur

(formal) without objecting or hesitating: They accepted without demur.
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There are few this side of Dan Rostenkowski who will demur.
The two politely demur when asked about their community involvement.
I'd Be a Fucking Potter" and his celebrity clients such as Todd Oldham and Catherine Deneuve--and he'll quickly demur.
And we do nothing to help ourselves when we are asked to participate if we demur and mumble something about not wanting to be known as the Gay Guy.
Jackson, Tennessee) demurs from the widespread view that the dwell ling and sanctuary in the celebration after the crossing the Red Sea refers to Solomon's temple on Mount Zion, or to the tabernacle or even the second temple.
Singh, who on Monday appeared before the standing committee on home, which is examining the changes in the anti- rape laws encapsulated by the Criminal Law ( Amendment) Bill, 2012, demurs.
Montenegro, on the other hand, is the pupil that gets demurs, caught smoking a cigarette in the schoolroom, constantly run from classes but is charming and despite the remarks, it gets a reward.
When they come to him for help in tracking a suspicious character named Vadim, he demurs.
So it is that issues of genetic medicine related to these diseases understandably involve broad social questions "about the meaning of race and ethnicity, about the promise of innovation, about the ability of diverse groups to shape healthy futures for themselves, and about who among us believes in the promise of the coming genetics revolution, who demurs, and who is best positioned to benefit from it," to quote the authors (professors of history at Rutgers U.
A skylit reading room demurs serenely at centre, surrounded by stacks in the nineteenth-century manner.
It's only when you get to that upper echelon of celebrity that people want to know what you do," he demurs.
Distance runners aren't going to do well on the Atkins Diet," he demurs.