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demote (one) from (something)

To reassign one to a role or position with less authority or responsibility. I'm worried that if the boss finds out this blunder was my fault, she'll demote me from team manager.
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demote someone from something (to something)

 and demote someone (from something) to something
to lower someone's rank from one rank to another. The manager demoted Bill from cashier to clerk. The army demoted her from lieutenant to sergeant.
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The demotion of Pluto from its planetary status created an unwarranted problem for ordinary folks too, who used to have a simple mnemonic to remember the planets in order - My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies.
ON THE WEB To read another viewpoint about Cardinal Raymond Burke's demotion, check out Robert Mickens' column at NCRonline.
Ruiz was cited on May 30, 2013, for driving under the influence while off-duty, an incident that could have resulted in his demotion.
Cllr Hanson''s email to me and his demotion emphasises just how little solidarity there is among the elected Labour members.
Yorkston's remarks concerning demotion down the divisions were later put in context by SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster when he confirmed he has no jurisdiction over the SFL and can't put any club into their set-up.
Q: Do you feel it as a demotion as you were the minister for rural development for a very short span of time?
By AodhAn o'FAolAin An Army Ranger who grabbed a female Private and female civilian, exposed himself and called the woman a "dog's b***s" has lost his demotion challenge.
When she returned to work, Schaaf's supervisor gave her the option of accepting a demotion or resigning.
Under the new rules, which took effect on Monday, air force officers and soldiers may face C[pounds sterling]demerit, demotion or the sackC[yen] for drinking alcohol at lunch on working days.
TENNIS: Roger Federer cruised into the second round of the Beijing Olympics and then vowed not to "freak out" at his impending demotion to world number two.
The council's safer estates team obtained a 12-month demotion order against her at North Shields County Court yesterday.
NUNEATON BOROUGH were still awaiting official confirmation from the Football Association last night over their probable two-tier demotion from Conference North to the Southern League Midlands Division.
The association evicted the family after they failed to modify their behaviour despite having been served with an injunction and demotion order.
Northern Rock's demotion will be confirmed when the FTSE committee meets to discuss the latest quarterly reshuffle, which is based on the market capitalisation of firms calculated using Tuesday's closing share prices.