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demote (one) from (something)

To reassign one to a role or position with less authority or responsibility. I'm worried that if the boss finds out this blunder was my fault, she'll demote me from team manager.
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demote someone from something (to something)

 and demote someone (from something) to something
to lower someone's rank from one rank to another. The manager demoted Bill from cashier to clerk. The army demoted her from lieutenant to sergeant.
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Regent Schofield is convinced that these sexual harassment allegations are politically motivated and would never have happened had he not voted to demote John Cummings," the statement said.
Schofield said in the statement that the harassment complaint was not filed until well after he voted to demote Cummings and move forward with proceedings that could result in the loss of Cummings' position at the college.
The regents subsequently voted to demote Remington from president to a faculty position.
STEWARDS at Longchamp last Sunday had no choice but to demote Newton and Tycoon, third and fourth respectively in the Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere, according to officials in France.
MP Ali-Al-Shalah told Aswat al-Iraq that Multaq's visit to Turkey is personal, because "there is a move within the parliament to demote him from his post".
The Organization of School Administrators and Supervisors (OSAS), AFSA Local 28, AFL-CIO, the union representing local public school administrators and supervisors, announced it won a temporary injunction in court yesterday, halting Detroit Schools CEO Kenneth Burnley's efforts to demote them.
Yesterday, the union filed a lawsuit against the actions of the school district's CEO, requesting that the court halt the CEO's actions to demote the administrators and supervisors.
Trustees - who voted 5-0 in three separate actions to demote Henry Lee, to appoint Fisher acting president and to return Henry Lee to her old post - did not answer questions Friday night, but issued a brief statement.
Global Banking News-November 23, 2015--Chinese watchdog demotes regulators
Global Banking News-April 16, 2015--HSBC demotes top banker