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the demon drink

slang A derogatory phrase for alcohol that emphasizes its negative effects. Woe be to any of you who fall under the spell of the demon drink.
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like a demon

An intensifier used when one puts forth great effort to do something. I'm planning to fight like a demon against this illness, so I'm researching both Western and Eastern methods of treatment. We've been working like demons to get the update finished before the Christmas break.
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speed demon

1. Someone who drives very fast in their car, especially over the legal speed limit. I used to be an awful speed demon, but I got so many tickets that I nearly lost my license. OK, I know we're running late, but there's no need to be such a speed demon. I'd rather arrive alive.
2. An athlete who runs, skates, swims, cycles, etc., very fast. The team's new running back is one hell of a speed demon. The speed demon already had eight Olympic gold medals for cycling, and he finally added a Tour de France championship to his list of accolades.
3. Someone or something that performs an action much faster than is usual. I can't believe you've already read through all these reports. You're a real speed demon! Th tablet's new CPU is a speed demon, all right, but it eats through the battery like nobody's business.
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the demon ˈdrink

(British English, humorous) alcoholic drink: It was the demon drink that made me act in that way.
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speed demon

1. n. a fast runner; a fast driver. Tom is a speed demon. He qualified for the Olympics.
2. n. a habitual user of methamphetamine. (Drugs.) When they are high, most speed demons don’t know what they are doing.
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Devil Theatre: Demonic Possession and Exorcism in English Renaissance Drama, 1558-1642.
Wink identifies three ways in which the language of the demonic was used: to describe outer personal possession, collective possession, and the inner personal demonic.
Leatherbarrow having clearly established his methodology at the outset, the next chapters on Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, and The Devils run along similar lines, tracing with commendable meticulousness an elaborate network of demonic symbols.
Its author asks how an angelic spirit might be distinguished from a demonic when a human host was "possessed.
More than bizarre behavior however, it was the clients' perversion of truth which forced him to address his previous denial of the demonic.
Demonic possession, the belief that evil has pervaded the body, offers the investigator opportunities to develop themes of complicity between the evil forces and the suspect; however, demonic possession may create grounds for an insanity defense for the suspect.
As this list illustrates, nearly every aspect of human life was vulnerable, in theory, to demonic manipulation.
Once they begin to work, they can have an uncanny, almost demonic effect, causing otherwise rational people to act strangely.
In the absence of such a linkage with the transcendent, science and its products have become demonic tools which are being used to plunge humanity into an abyss, the like of which has never before been witnessed.
Lame horror in which the hero has to save his childhood sweetheart and her young brother from the demonic hag Tooth Fairy that killed his mom when he was a boy.
According to Patocka, Derrida writes, "In the proper sense of the word, religion exists once the secret of the sacred, orgiastic or demonic mystery has been, if not destroyed, at least integrated, and finally subjected to the sphere of responsibility.
to complete his perverted syllogism" (54), language provides the opening for demonic appropriation of human desires.
The other thing about the knack is that it has theological, demonic, and sexual components.
Yesterday he said: "Any inter-community or inter-religion violence is horrific, but when aggression is targeted at children it moves into the realm of demonic.
Hackers posted demonic language and the image of a television character onto Louisiana College's Web site, the second time in a month the Baptist school's site has been marred.