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The little Welsh League club can be excused delusions of grandeur after beating Vasutas of Hungary in the qualifying round in a penalty shoot- out, but they'll find the Dons in dour mood.
Produced by Scott Rudin and directed by Richard Linklater ("Waking Life," "Slacker," "Dazed and Confused"), Paramount Pictures' The School Of Rock stars Jack Black ("Shallow Hal," "High Fidelity") as rocker Dewey Finn, a hell-raising guitarist with delusions of grandeur.
Well food for thought, chief, forget all your delusions of grandeur, we don't want to be joined to Birmingham; we are proud to stand alone as Coventry.
This may sound like the script for a political satire or a comedy show but in Cyprus it is for real and despite the catastrophes it has brought upon the country over the decades the delusions of grandeur and lack of a sense of perspective still reigns supreme.
uk or follow me on Twitter - @mashmixmag over Europe and has released records on Instruments of Rapture, Delusions of Grandeur, Rememory and Wolf Music, plus his own Foto Recordings.
I still have delusions of grandeur at times and sometimes my swing operates the way I want it to.
Lingering delusions of grandeur at any level of the club should be banished and past glories used as a motivation for new successes rather than an excuse to rest on laurels.
After all, the robust spirit of national confidence and independence that was once the pride of Fianna Fail began to erode in the era symbolised by Charles Haughey's delusions of grandeur and the aura of corruption associated with him.
Roger is a dedicated team captain, but has delusions of grandeur.
Ball of Crosby has delusions of grandeur regarding his home town in describing Bootle people as "the likes of them".
Perhaps if our AMs put aside their delusions of grandeur the people of Wales might be more inclined to entrust them with more powers.
This would stop Thatcher-style delusions of grandeur.
Once adored, she has become a figure of media mockery for her gaffes, her high spending on designer clothes, her lavish use of official jets and her delusions of grandeur.
Yet more delusions of grandeur from Arsenal's neighbours.
CARDIFF is a small city suffering from the consequences of delusions of grandeur.