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deluge someone or something with something

1. Lit. to flood someone or something with water or something similar. The swollen river broke the dam and deluged the town with billions of gallons of water.
2. Fig. to overwhelm someone or something with something; to "flood" someone or something with something. The reporters deluged us with questions.
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après moi le deluge

A disaster will follow. The French phrase, translated as “After me the deluge,” has been attributed to King Louis XVI or to his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. He or she was referring to the centuries of excessive living enjoyed by the aristocracy and paid for by the rest of France and what would happen as a result when His Majesty (or Madame) went to their heavenly rest. Whether the king or his main squeeze was predicting a cataclysm or simply indicating that he or she didn't care what came after them isn't clear. Nevertheless, whoever spoke the words was a prophet in his or her time: fourteen years after Louis's death came the revolution that swept away the old order, including Louis's son. No one could have been ideologically further from the Bourbon monarchy than Karl Marx, who repeated the phrase in his Das Kapital: “Après moi le déluge! is the watchword of every capitalist and of every capitalist nation. Hence capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the labourer, unless under compulsion from society.” The phrase is the very appropriate motto of Britain's Royal Air Force 617 Squadron, nicknamed “the Dam Busters” for its sorties against German dams during World War II.
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CORNISH NASTY: Streets and homes were left deluged by flash floods
The Phoenix market -- where Kokopelli's was founded -- is of course ideal for the restaurant's Tex-Mex menu, and the two locations already secured meet all of our criteria for success including being deluged with lunch-hour traffic on weekdays," stated Brad Miller, CEO of BGR Corp.
Fire stations were also deluged - with calls from people whose houses were hit by lightning.
An engineer and former Microsoft developer with several patents, Featherston began fighting spam in 1998 when he was deluged with unwanted emails that required him to change his email address.
Deluged with speakers at Wednesday's public hearing on Ahmanson Ranch, a county committee plans to meet again next week to hear all of the comments.
Without proper event management, IT operations can be deluged with event storms, numerous false positives and a "sea of red" on the various monitors.
Our neighborhood is going to be deluged by hundreds of cars parking on our residential streets,'' he said.
However, employees feel deluged when all of the information received on their desktop computer flows to their handheld device.
While anxious San Fernando Valley residents tried to reach relatives caught in Tuesday's earthquake in Mexico, others deluged the American Red Cross with offers of help.
Outraged viewers upset with the network's rewriting of the word of God deluged NBC, which was forced to apologize, if not repent, for its wicked ways.
OTC BB: MIMF) Friday announced it has been deluged with phone calls from buyers requiring agricultural quality gypsum for the California market.
We've been deluged with interest from prominent national retailers.
Already deluged with thousands of names, the White House invited an avalanche of more suggestions Thursday by saying Clinton was interested in Americans' recommendations.
We've been deluged with calls from the snowbound media asking if they are eligible for the contest," Fox said.