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deliver the message to Garcia

To show initiative in undertaking important or requisite tasks in the face of difficulties and/or without requiring specific instructions on how to do so. It refers to the essay "Message to Garcia," published in 1899 by Elbert Hubbard, in which a lieutenant named Andrew Rowan undertakes establishing communication with Cuban rebel leader Calixto García to create an alliance in case of war with Spain. One should always aspire to be the type of employee who will deliver the message to Garcia, for it says more about you than merely doing what you're told.
See also: deliver, Garcia, message

deliver someone from someone or something

to save or rescue someone from someone or something. The hero delivered the children from a fiery death. Thank you for delivering me from a very boring meeting by calling me to the telephone.
See also: deliver

deliver someone of something

to free someone from some burden or problem; to liberate someone from some confinement. He was looking for someone to deliver him of his burdensome responsibility. He was delivered of his burden.
See also: deliver, of

deliver someone or something to someone or something

to transfer someone or something to someone or something; to yield over someone or something to someone or something. When will you deliver the deed to me? I will deliver the deed to you when I have your check.
See also: deliver

deliver something up to someone

to render or yield something to someone. Will you please deliver the documents up to Jane? Will you please deliver up the documents to Jane?
See also: deliver, up

signed, sealed, and delivered

Fig. formally and officially signed; [for a formal document to be] executed. Here is the deed to the propertysigned, sealed, and delivered. I can't begin work on this project until I have the contract signed, sealed, and delivered.
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stand and deliver

to give up something to someone who demands it. (Originally used by highway robbers asking for passengers' valuables.) And when the tax agent says "Stand and deliver" you have to be prepared to pay what is demanded. The robber stopped the coach and demanded of Lady Ellen, "Stand and deliver!"
See also: and, deliver, stand

*under pressure

1. and *under a deadline; *under the gun (about something) Fig. facing or enduring something such as pressure or a deadline. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I have to get back to work. I am under a deadline. I am under a lot of pressure lately. The management is under the gun for the mistakes made last year.
2. [of a gas or liquid] being forced, squeezed, or compressed. (*Typically: be ~; deliver something ~; put something ~.) The gas in the pipes leading to the oven are under pressure.
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deliver the goods

to do what someone hopes you will do She hired a songwriter who has written several hit tunes and he delivered the goods for her.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form come up with the goods: We'll have to replace him if he can't come up with the goods.
See also: deliver, good

deliver the goods

  (informal) also come up with the goods (informal)
if someone or something delivers the goods, they do what people hope they will do So far the team's new player has failed to deliver the goods. He hasn't scored in his first five games.
See also: deliver, good

signed, sealed and delivered

  (informal) also signed and sealed (informal)
if a document or an agreement is signed, sealed and delivered, it has been officially signed and completed A copy of the will, signed, sealed and delivered, arrived at our house the next morning. There was a signed and sealed statement from the prime minister to confirm the treaty had been accepted.
See also: and, deliver, seal

deliver the goods

Do what is required, come up to expectations. For example, Kate delivered the goods and got us the five votes we needed. This phrase alludes to delivering an order of groceries or other items. [Colloquial; second half of 1800s]
See also: deliver, good

signed, sealed, and delivered

Completed satisfactorily, as in The house is sold-signed, sealed, and delivered. This idiom refers to a legal deed, which to be valid had to be signed by the seller, sealed with a wax seal, and delivered to the new owner. It began to be used more loosely in the first half of the 1900s.
See also: and, deliver

deliver on

To do something one has promised or is expected to do: The contractor delivered on his promises to get the work done by Friday. Our office manager delivers on everything she says she will do.
See also: deliver, on

deliver (oneself) of

To pronounce; utter: Before leaving I delivered myself of a few choice comments.
See also: deliver, of
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In 2014, the rig team on ME*rsk Deliverer initiated seven local acceleration programmes as part of a localisation plan focusing on employing, training and educating local talent in Angola.
For those not in the know, Anya is a centuries-old demon who became trapped on this mortal coil, and fell for Scooby member Xander, (a total coward, but the best deliverer of the ready quip in the show).
In addition, they must attend a six-hour TOPs community deliverer training course.
Business advisers Grant Thornton Following won a bid to act as the licensed deliverer of Investors In People in the South West.
Tony Devlin, 48, a driver deliverer from Eston: "Personal memories - the Pig And Whistle, the beach and the coastal walks, especially along the Stray.
EQUALITY North-East has received the 'Gear Up' award for work in preparing young people for employment and the Tyne and Wear Education Business Link Organisation's Best Deliverer of Post 16 Programmes.
In a poll of Birmingham Chamber members, only 25 per cent of firms wanted to see the Royal Mail continue as the main deliverer of letters and parcels if the dispute over pay escalates.
The state is not the sole deliverer of services and is not the sole authority on how we are to best spend our money and live our lives.
today announced they have filed a copyright infringement suit against document deliverer Research Associates, Bethesda, MD.
Today, Maersk Deliverer reached an important milestone when the deepwater semi achieved a one-year free of accidents award.
Months later he got a letter from leaflet deliverer Brian Hunter, who claimed Mark's dog had bitten off his finger.
Our home delivery customers were invited to put forward their deliverer for a pounds 150 prize and Joseph emerged a clear winner.
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LANCASTER - For the second time in a week, a pizza deliverer has been robbed after being called to deliver a pizza to a house that turned out to be empty.
After only one full month in operation the Maersk Deliverer has been awarded 'Super Rig of the Month'.