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deliberate about (someone or something)

To consider something, often at length. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate about it, all right?
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deliberate over (someone or something)

To discuss or confer about someone or something. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate over it with my family, all right?
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deliberate about someone or something

 and deliberate on someone or something
to think about someone or something; to consider what to do about someone or something. How long do you intend to deliberate about Carol? We will deliberate about this matter as long as it takes to do it right. Let's deliberate on this for a while.
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deliberate over someone or something

to discuss and argue about someone or something. We will deliberate over this question tomorrow. We have been deliberating over Karen long enough.
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References in classic literature ?
He spoke very feelingly, and I looked at him earnestly, remembering that last afternoon, when he had been deliberating whether or not to speak.
The Indian now appeared convinced that he had adopted too shallow an artifice to deceive one so practised as the man he addressed, and he was deliberating what fiction he should next invent, in order to obtain his real object, when a slight commotion among the band put an end at once to all his schemes.
Mr Flintwinch, who had been observantly pausing all this time with a cup of tea in his hand, and his mouth open ready to swallow the contents, began to do so: always entirely filling his mouth before he emptied it at a gulp; and always deliberating again before he refilled it.
So, after deliberating over the two last tumblers, whether he hadn't a perfect right to pick a quarrel with the tall man for having contrived to get into the good graces of the buxom widow, Tom Smart at last arrived at the satisfactory conclusion that he was a very ill-used and persecuted individual, and had better go to bed.
He seemed to be deliberating on some means of escape.
Learning to deliberate requires: 1) critical thought in making and evaluating arguments, 2) knowledge that can provide reasons in arguments, and 3) discernment of what is worth deliberating about.
When you consider that the jury found him not guilty of three counts and the vote was 8-4 in favor of not guilty on the remaining one, and after the jury began deliberating the girl called somebody and said, 'Let him go,' it would seem to me it would be difficult to try the case with any reasonable prospect of success,'' said Heinatz's attorney, Richard Monahan.
NEW YORK - Jurors began deliberating Thursday on whether two former executives looted more than $600 million from Tyco International Inc.
After deliberating nearly three days, jurors in the 1997 North Hollywood bank robbery shootout trial declared Wednesday that they were deadlocked, but the judge ordered them to try again.
2--Color) Deputy Alan Young checks in on 16-year-old foreman Gus Caravalho, left, and other teen jurors deliberating a case in Newhall.
Jurors were instructed to reserve judgment until they heard all the evidence and begin deliberating.
Five years after the robbery of a Canyon Country bank, accused mastermind Alex Yepes was convicted on 21 felony charges Thursday as a jury continued deliberating nine other charges.