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deliberate about (someone or something)

To consider something, often at length. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate about it, all right?
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deliberate over (someone or something)

To discuss or confer about someone or something. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to deliberate over it with my family, all right?
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deliberate about someone or something

 and deliberate on someone or something
to think about someone or something; to consider what to do about someone or something. How long do you intend to deliberate about Carol? We will deliberate about this matter as long as it takes to do it right. Let's deliberate on this for a while.
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deliberate over someone or something

to discuss and argue about someone or something. We will deliberate over this question tomorrow. We have been deliberating over Karen long enough.
See also: deliberate, over
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In the former instance, the deliberateness of the defendant's action is a key element, and the aggrieved party may not need expert testimony to prevail.
The firms with high levels of deliberateness in manufacturing strategy formation (FGCO, SSCO) were those whose managers in all levels were educated in the highest level of business training.
But there is a deliberateness, a schematic quality about the poem, which those I am arguing for, those impulses toward devotion almost without consciousness of what they are, do not have.
Yet the very deliberateness of Yoder's arguments about how the church's practices translate one-by-one into public witness tended to leave Yoder with a merely functionalist account of the Christian sacraments.
between logic and creativity within strategic thinking or between deliberateness and emergence within strategy formation.
Unal urged all parties in Bahrain to stay away from violence, and act with restraints and deliberateness.
Some of the essential general traits of cultural competency we observed were deliberateness, awareness, authenticity, adaptability, creativity, integrity, and maturity.
The exoneration of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani on 276 counts of murder and attempted murder, and his conviction on a single conspiracy count that could lead to life imprisonment, instead demonstrate the deliberateness and fairness of civilian justice.
We believe the engaged learner demonstrates deliberateness and conscious decision-making in taking "active control over cognitive processes" (Gama, 2004) and that this level of consciousness in decision-making must be achieved through leading students to be metacognitive during their learning experiences.
Manguel understands that to sit through the rest of Lear requires patience and deliberateness, a willingness to commit to deeper investigation and meaning-making.
Hughes-Freeland (1998:6) describes the intentionality in performance as deliberateness.
6) Within this further reduction the tendency of a composed text towards its completion can take on, via acts of free-ranging intelligence and sensibility, the formats of signifying deliberateness.
Staring directly out at the viewer with intense deliberateness, this athlete has his "game face" on.
Her intention is twofold: to better understand Yeats's forms and their impact on both the meaning and our understanding of the poems, and by doing so, to demonstrate the deliberateness with which he crafted his verse.