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delete (something) from (something)

To remove something, usually text, from something else. I think that my argument made more sense once I deleted that section from my paper. Dude, you've got to delete your ex-girlfriend's number from your phone, or else you'll just keep calling her.
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delete something from something

to remove something from something; to cross something out from something. Will you please delete this paragraph from the contract? The line was deleted from the sales agreement.
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During the 45-day documentation period, documents may not be deleted, even though the PCAOB may allow such deletions.
WinUndelete's built-in file image feature can first save the deleted files into an image file for later processing, avoiding further problems with their possibly being overwritten.
The power of the Deleted File Scan, Cluster Scan, and Picture Rescue Scan as well as the low cost of File-Rescue Plus puts this latest Software Shelf tool in a class by itself.
If you have emptied the Recycle Bin between deleting the file and realising it was a mistake, the deleted file's space on your drive has been made available to other files.
After 30 days, uncoded messages are deleted automatically.
Ruprecht and her colleagues report that the virus didn't restore the deleted genes.
On Android, WhatsApp messages are stored in the device's notifications list regardless if it was deleted in the app or not.
The company also revealed that the messages can be deleted only up to seven minutes after sending.
In order for messages to be successfully deleted for everyone, both you and your recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone," the micro-blogging platform said.
According to a directive issued last week by Pakistan's Telecommunication Authority, nearly 1,700 words and phrases are banned and must be deleted from texts by mobile phone operators there.
Electronic documents thought to be deleted or lost by the user often can be recovered.
Some regulations define retention periods that allow data to be deleted after expiration and some go further by actually mandating record destruction and specifying the nature of destruction.
99) includes commentary by Forster and others, deleted scenes with optional commentary, outtakes and featurettes.
Sensitive data, such as meal orders or special requirements, which can reveal race, religion, or health, will not be transferred or, if transferred, will be filtered and deleted by U.