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degenerate into (something)

To get worse and enter an unpleasant state. Concerts always seem to degenerate into chaos once it's time to leave the venue. If you don't exercise regularly, your muscles will degenerate into mush.
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degenerate into something

to decay into something; to break down into something. The peace rally degenerated into a riot. I was afraid that the party would degenerate into a drinking contest.
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TRIPOLI, Lebanon: A dispute in the Tripoli district of Al-Mina Tuesday evening degenerated into an armed fight that left four men wounded, sources told The Daily Star.
Summary: A quarrel between supporters of the Future Movement and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) that degenerated into a shootout in the east Bekaa town of Qaraon Wednesday night left one person dead, according to a security report on Thursday.
Their small cry of defiance, a gesture of healthy anarchy, multiplied into millions of tags splashed across the walls of cities around the world and has today perhaps degenerated into an academic ersatz of rebellion.
At that point Johnson emptied his bench and the game degenerated into a free-throw shooting contest between the reserves.
Then why not attempt to isolate insulin from a degenerated pancreas, in which no digestive enzymes would exist to spoil the extraction?
Their indispensability may explain why they haven't degenerated like most other genes on the Y chromosome.
So on a personal level, I was disappointed to see what had happened to the alcohol program because it certainly has degenerated and degenerated rapidly.
In such paintings, simple perception reveals itself to be a strenuous intellectual undertaking, implicitly refuting the presumption that landscape painting has degenerated into a hopelessly escapist enterprise.
The country's fragile democracy has degenerated in recent months into a cold war between Hun Sen and the other co-prime minister, Prince Norodom Ranariddh, that occasionally has burst into exchanges of gunfire between soldiers loyal to each of the two government factions.
Page and his colleagues suggest that this finding is at odds with theories that the Y chromosome, once it started evolving separately from the X chromosome, only degenerated.
It's badly neglected and degenerated, and nobody seems to notice.