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defer to (someone or something)

To submit or yield to someone or something. I really need to defer to your mother on this one—she's in charge of all the Thanksgiving plans.
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defer to someone or something (on something)

to yield to someone or something on some question or point. I will defer to Mary on that question. She would not defer to the committee on anything.
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Taxable income in the next five years is expected to be sufficient to absorb any net deferred tax assets.
Gross margin associated with the deferred revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006 was $1.
The restrictions on deferral elections and distributions apply to deferred compensation that becomes vested, or is granted, on or after Jan.
Among the arrangements that must comply are IRC section 401(k) mirror, shadow and tandem plans; IRC section 457(f) plans; certain stock option and stock appreciation rights; and phantom restricted and deferred stock plans.
Qualified" versions of deferred compensation, such as pension and profit sharing plans, are covered by extensive statutory and regulatory provisions which provide special tax benefits.
Under the new law, if a deferred compensation plan does not comply, deferred amounts will be includable in income and will be subject to a penalty of interest at the underpayment rate plus 1 percent, and an additional 20 percent tax penalty.
Deferred compensation is compensation that, while earned now, is paid to you or made available at a later date.
The new accounting standards do not change the rules set forth in FAS 109 about deferred tax liabilities.
The current system of funding K-12 ongoing maintenance and deferred maintenance creates counterproductive fiscal incentives that encourage K-12 districts to defer maintenance,'' Hill said.
June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Levitz Furniture Incorporated, formerly LFC Holding Corporation, announced today that it had extended its cash tender offer to purchase all of its outstanding Senior Deferred Coupon Debentures due 2002 to 6 p.
DOI Income can be deferred under the following circumstances: * When a debtor is partially discharged from a purchase money mortgage (i.
96 related to recognition, measurement and recording of deferred tax liabilities and assets by presenting a flow-chart and a set of examples that portray the logic and concepts underlying the new standard.
Deferred income must remain in the plan for at least five years.
16) KPMG Deferred Prosecution Agreement, supra note 14, at [paragraph] 3.
But as the infrastructures of the nation's institutions age, planning and budgeting for deferred maintenance are increasingly crucial to the cost-effective operation of a campus.