defend against

defend (someone or something) against (someone or something)

1. To fight against a physical attack. We will most certainly defend this castle against any invaders, my liege.
2. To argue in favor of someone or something in the face of opposition. How do you plan to defend him against such incriminating evidence?
See also: defend

defend someone or something against someone or something

1. to stand against an attack; to provide a defense against attack. Don't worry, I will defend you against any muggers. We defended ourselves against the attack. The army defended the town against the enemy soldiers.
2. . to advocate the cause of someone or something against someone or something else. The lawyer defended her against the plaintiff. She defended the company against the suit.
See also: defend
References in classic literature ?
27-55) But the father of men and gods was forming another scheme in his heart, to beget one to defend against destruction gods and men who eat bread.
With the coming of the sun they saw they had stumbled upon a place where they might remain hidden from the Wieroos for a long time and also one that they could defend against these winged creatures, since the trees would shield them from an attack from above and also hamper the movements of the creatures should they attempt to follow them into the wood.
Two PAC-3 MSE missiles were launched to defend against the incoming target, with the first interceptor hitting the target, as planned.
BP is disappointed that the FERC has brought this action and we will vigorously defend against these allegations.
Arguing that security professionals must know and understand the attacks used by intruders to be able to defend against them, this volume teaches penetration testing software tools, how to perform and defend against numerous common exploits, how to perform vulnerability analysis on computer and network infrastructure and how to collect and analyze malware.
99) covers a different kind of topic: how to understand magical attacks and how to use reversal magic to prevent and defend against them.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has set up a Web site to help deter, detect, and defend against identity theft.
Air Force (Retired), is the third recipient of the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Award, an annual honor awarded to individuals or organizations to recognize outstanding support, innovation and engineering, and scientific achievement associated with technologies designed to defend against ballistic missile attack.
Written by a King's Indian expert, Play The King's Indian carefully dissects the advantages, disadvantages, and theory concerning this popular opening move for Black and how White can defend against it.
Electronic Discovery and Evidence approaches the matter from the other side--that of the lawyer, either seeking discovery or seeking to defend against it.
The initial propagation of the attack runs in computer memory and can achieve global infection in minutes or hours rather than days, making blended threats very hard to defend against.
It found the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories invoked immunity to defend against the award of punitive damages and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to defend against employee breach of contract claims.
Casati points out that vision can't DO without shadow and explains how biological systems adapt to levels of darkness, usually to defend against predators.
If Lewis and Klitschko win, Lewis will be required to defend against Klitschko by Nov.