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defect from something

to run away from something; to forsake something. Thousands of soldiers defected from the army. Roger would never think of defecting from the armed services.
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defect to something

to forsake one group and take up with another. Will he defect to the other side? David defected to a small East European country.
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I don't feel I can trust the (the LDP) very much,'' he said, citing a similar instance in which a North Korean defector to the South could not testify in the Diet due to opposition from LDP lawmakers.
And Defector in Our Midst is all about consequences played through to their bitter end, involving readers in thought-provoking questions throughout the journey.
The government-affiliated Korea Institute for National Unification in Seoul, which conducts in-depth surveys and interviews of North Korean defectors, estimates that between 80,000 and 120,000 people are held in political camps.
An independent source confirmed that both the Dummar and Nasiriyah facilities mentioned by the defector are, indeed, part of the Syrian chemical weapons network.
The defector claims that Khamenehi has a voracious appetite for trout and caviar and hoards collectables from jeweled pipes to fine horses.
The exposure of Soviet moles Blake, Philby, Burgess, and Maclean during the 1950s and '60s, the exposure of Anthony Blunt in 1979, and of John Cairncross, Theodore Hall, and Aldrich Ames in the 1990s provided proof for the charges by Soviet defector Golitsyn and former CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton that Communist moles--and more importantly, the political elites who protected them--did indeed still lethally compromise Western intelligence organizations.
The North's propaganda machine lashed out at Bush for hosting a prominent North Korean defector at the White House.
Japanese defectors from North Korea and their supporters called Monday for early enactment of a human rights law aimed at protecting and supporting escapees from the North, one of the supporters said.
But the alleged defector, Giovanni Rodriguez, refused to testify until his family was placed under a government witness protection program.
Korea: Less than a year after becoming the first North Korean defector to take a senior government post in South Korea, Cho Myung-Chul is set to win office as the country s first defector lawmaker.
According to the August 22nd Washington Times, a North Korean defector told the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that he had seen four U.
The US officials also told The Washington Times that of 28 tanks that had been in the care of one Iraqi army defector, only six were working.
Former Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Secretary General Hiromu Nonaka on Friday denied an allegation by a North Korean defector that the late LDP heavyweight Shin Kanemaru received gold bullion from Pyongyang.
THE CIA and FBI believe that an Iranian defector who claims to be the terrorist mastermind behind the Lockerbie bomb is an impostor.