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in default of (something)

Due to the absence or lack of something; through the failure of something. Though it was only a speeding ticket, Janet was imprisoned in default of paying the fine. In default of concrete evidence, the jury was obligated to acquit the defendant of murder.
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default on (something)

To fail to repay a loan on something (which often results in the loss of that thing). If you default on your car loan, your car might get repossessed.
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by default

1. Used to describe an outcome that happens because nothing has been done to change or prevent it. If you don't start saving money now, while you're young, you'll be working till you're 90 by default.
2. By forfeit. Used to describe a contest whose outcome is determined by a competitor's absence. If the other team can't field enough players, then we'll win by default.
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default on something

to fail to act in some way regarding something, such as failing to make a payment, thereby losing one's right to the thing in question. You are not going to default on your loan, are you? She defaulted on her mortgage payments and lost the house.
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in default of

Through the failure, absence, or lack of, as in In default of a better solution, we'll have to make do with this one. This term was originally put as for default of, but John Gower had the current wording in Confessio Amantis (1397): "The fish, if it be dry, might in default of water die." [Late 1200s]
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by deˈfault

1 a game or competition can be won by default if there are no other competitors: The other team didn’t even turn up, so we won by default.
2 if something happens by default, it happens because you have not made any other decision or choices which would make things happen differently: It was never my ambition to get into teaching. I became a teacher more by default than by choice.
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in deˈfault of something

(formal) because of a lack of something: They accepted what he had said in default of any evidence to disprove it.
See also: default, of, something

in default of

Through the failure, absence, or lack of.
See also: default, of
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In the US, the speculative-grade default rate dropped from 9.
Moody's default rate forecasting model now predicts, under the baseline scenario, that the European speculative-grade default rate will ease to 2.
Most of the loans that went into default in the 2006 fourth quarter were made from January 2005 to February 2006.
In all events, Madison argued, it could not have waived Bentley's monetary default because the lease contained a non-waiver provision.
Thigpen was able to get the default judgment set aside--not canceled--on grounds of excusable neglect and mistaken identity, thereby blocking the wage garnishment until the mother and child settled the question once and for all by checking their DNA against Pierce's.
In 2002, the risk of additional defaults in Argentina will remain high as the economic turmoil runs its course," said Brady.
For example, since the database only covers defaults that occurred since 1980, bonds issued in 1978 that defaulted in 1979 would not appear, resulting in a lower than actual cumulative default rate for that year.
Five of the year's 19 issuer defaults have been in the form of debt exchanges.
institutional term loan default rate will end 2018 at 2.
Measured on a dollar volume basis, the global speculative-grade bond default rate ended 2009 at 15.
Negotiations, or a default by the surety, can further delay efforts to get projects back on track.
At the end of the third-quarter foreclosure activity, as measured by notices of default, was at its lowest level since this record-keeping began in 1992, Karevoll said.
Fitch expects the rate of defaults to increase consistent with the levels of defaults in the last six months.
Department of Education alerted the Valencia community college last week that it is ineligible for the Federal Family Educational Loan program because the campus' student default rate was above 25 percent for the past three years.
effect in 2006 and kept defaults in check, any meaningful funding disruption could quickly push up the default rate, especially for the lowest rated issuers.