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You were one of the lads (old school), I'm going to miss you mate from Fred and all the O'Neill family, deepest sympathy to Ann, Kayleigh and Anthony at this sad time x HICKMAN - TONY, May 6, 2017.
Aimed at both students and researchers, the collection includes such topics as large-scale radiative transfer simulations of reionizations, the evolution of galaxies from optical and near-infrared surveys, young galaxies in the early universe, results from the deepest extra-galactic surveys at the edge of the x-ray universe, charting the obscured AGN population in the deepest XMM-Newton surveys, the power of stacking x-ray spectroscopy in deep chandra fields, deep radio surveys, proto-clusters and high-z radio galaxies, information from mid-infrared wavelengths, the lifecycle of massive red galaxies, the star formation history of the universe and observing the edge of the universe with gamma-rays.
The second and less obvious connection that takes place is the deepest possible healing of herbal medicine: the knowledge that we are not alone, that nature, the Earth, and life itself will step forward to assist us.
This is difficult when the float arm doesn't reach into the deepest part of the tank.
The direct access to the posterior tympanum described here enabled the author to make video and photographic records of the structures as they are in the normal anatomic state, including those in the deepest recesses of the posterior tympanum.
The Hong Meigui Yunnan 2003 expedition to Zhongdian in August was the third leg of an ongoing project to discover the world's deepest cave, which the team believes might exist in the region.
The deepest layer contains traces of seafloor burrows and large numbers of phosphate nodules that include the fossils of ammonites, the extinct relatives of today's chambered nautilus.
Speleologists (cave scientists) are examining the bottom of known caves to identify the deepest caves on Earth.
They described it as the deepest, most detailed view of the universe ever attained by optical astronomy.
Enterprise-Ready Version of JustSystems' XML-Based Authoring and Content Collaboration Software Leads Industry with the Deepest DITA Support
Deepest sympathy to our friend Pat, Abigail and Greg on the sad loss of a loving husband and dad.
TWO manned submarines yesterday set a world record for the deepest freshwater dive reaching the bottom of Lake Baikal.
Deepest Blue looks set to be another biggy for label of the moment Data Records following their recent trips into the upper echelons of the chart with Tomcraft, DJ Sammy and Divine Inspiration.
That is precisely what the priest does -- doctor that deepest part of the person we can the soul.
Now, Russian and British glaciologists are filling in the void with the news that Antarctica harbors one of the world's largest and deepest freshwater lakes, concealed under 4 kilometers of ice.