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deep-six someone or something

Sl. to get rid of someone or something; to dispose of someone or something. (Refers originally to burying someone or something six feet deep, the standard depth of a grave.) Take this horrible food out and deep-six it. That guy is a pain. Deep-six him so the cops will never find him.

deep-six somebody/something

  (American informal)
to get rid of someone or something They want to deep-six the project because it's costing too much money.
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It usually takes an outsider, like a numbers-oriented accountant, to suggest deep-sixing such an obsolete product.
Several sources described receiving threats of delays or the deep-sixing of other measures desired by their groups should they oppose the City's typically esoteric maneuvers.
If anything, director-screenwriter Mark Herman has raised her octane grade for the film, deep-sixing L.
That's a huge story, and it deserved follow-up, not deep-sixing.
He calculated that it would be feasible to fertilize the ocean on a massive scale, eventually drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and deep-sixing the greenhouse gas into the nether reaches of the ocean.
Broadway, is deep-sixing its Saturday dance night - at least for the month of December, booking agent Keith Martin said.
After deep-sixing deep-dish pizza and melting all the fun out of ice cream, CSPI is now targeting fast-casual Mexican food.