deed to

deed something (over) to someone

to grant something, such as land, to someone; to transfer legal title to something to someone. Grudgingly, he deeded the land over to Walter. He deeded the property to his niece.
See also: deed
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1 All references in this Deed to any statute or any provision of any statute shall be deemed also to refer to any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof or any statutory instrument, or of regulation made thereunder or under such modification or re-enactment.
Creating a positive environment is essential for the good deed to flourish.
Secondly, in order for a title deed to be divided, say a title deed of a plot of land into ten title deeds representing the apartments that have been constructed upon it, the building must receive a Certificate of Final Approval that it has been constructed according to the relevant permits and that all property taxes relating to this property are paid prior to the division of the title deed.
Cost of procuring a title deed to an investor varies between 1 per cent and 2 per cent of the cost of the property purchased, depending on what is stated in their sales and purchase contract (SPA).
2d DCA 1991), involved an eminent domain case where the trial court awarded a landowner compensation for the fee value of land encumbered by a Murphy deed reservation because the adjacent roadway was reclassified from a state road on the date of the deed to a county road in 1976.
On acceptance of the RSC'S offer, the employee signed and delivered a blank deed to the RSC.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- The only known deed to exist for America's most famous address has been bought by Internet casino and poker room GoldenPalace.
MARTIN Shaw returns as maverick and liberal Judge John Deed to take on the establishment -and try a few cases.
Unfortunately, the deed to the children inaccurately included substantial acreage on the west side of the highway (which was intended to be conveyed to Harry Larson).
And an indulgence reduces punishment by the same amount as is reduced by the prayer or deed to which it is attached.
A fraudulent realty company searched public records to locate property with out-of-town owners, and forged and recorded a deed to a fictitious person.
Usual practice is for developers to pay the IPT and then when they are finally in a position to hand over the title deed to the buyer/user of the property, the latter has to pay the developer any IPT paid on that property in exchange for the title deed.
An insufficient legal description of the property, a lack of subscribing witnesses, and failure to obtain joinder of the grantor's spouse on a deed to homestead property are a few examples of this type of defect.
P, claiming he was entitled to develop up to 62 residences on smaller lots, executed a deed to the county purporting to limit development to 30 residences.
It was a fun, learning experience to get a copy of the original deed to the property at the Register of Deeds Office.