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decorate (someone) for (something)

To acknowledge one with an award for a special accomplishment or achievement, often one linked to heroism. The soldier who rescued his entire platoon was decorated for his valor in a ceremony earlier today.
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decorate (something) with (something)

To decorate or embellish something with something, often for a particular occasion. I decorated the room with crepe paper and balloons for the birthday party. My little niece adorably decorated her card to me with lots of stickers.
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decorate someone for something

to award someone a medal or ribbon for doing something important or brave. The town decorated her for her heroic act. She was decorated for her heroism.
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decorate something with something

to adorn or ornament something with something. I will decorate the cake with roses made of sugar. Can I decorate your car with streamers for the parade?
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References in classic literature ?
His head was carefully shaven with the exception of two circular spots, about the size of a dollar, near the,top of the cranium, where the hair, permitted to grow of an amazing length, was twisted up in two prominent knots, that gave him the appearance of being decorated with a pair of horns.
Three minute dots, no bigger than pin-heads, decorated each lip, and at a little distance were not at all discernible.
Decorated buggies are seen at committee chowk and different places of Rawalpindi, once buggies were used to hire by those who cannot afford the decorated cars but its become a fashion these days especially among young generation as it gives a fascinating touch to the wedding for life time memory, they said.
Sabrina Bakhlolova, a 32-year-old Turkmenistani and a part owner in a shop, decorated her car for the first time this year, "This the first time I've decorated my car, before I did not have a car.
Today, two local chapters of Blue Star Mothers and an organization called Prayer Angels for the Military will welcome the community to join in a ceremony around the newly decorated Christmas tree.
Products can be decorated in one pass in up to eight colors with line copy, halftone, and full process-color artwork.
Borgia and Al Uy, a biologist at the San Francisco State University, used video cameras to discover that male Vogelkops with large, tidy bowers decorated with bright blue ornaments attract the most females.
The living room is decorated every three-and-a-half years and master bedroom every four years.
Stephens said safety is the top reason why more people hire professional companies to have their homes and businesses decorated for the holiday season.
The difference is the end product - delicious cakes, cookies, cupcakes or other treats that are decorated with picture-perfect borders, flower bouquets, accent bows, and more.
The skin of the tortoises will be decorated with carrot and radish seeds while the shells will be covered with Brazil and macademia nuts, black beans, cinnamon bark, montera leaves, sea grape leaves, and cobra leaves.
Finally, after washing and drying, the decorated part is sprayed with a protective acrylic finish.
While the mansions, which were built in the late 19th century, are open to the public year-round as museums, the three that are decorated and open over the holidays become hot spots for over 90,000 visitors between November 18 and January 1.
For novice to more involved decorators, more than 230 unique projects provide inspiration for a spectacular assortment of colorful cakes, decorated cookies, extraordinary candies and more.
Every inch of his yard is decorated in this whimsical theme, and it features more than 100 skeletons.