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abide by a decision

To accept, follow, and comply with a decision, especially that which is handed down by a judge. Though it stings my dignity, I have to abide by the court's decision to not allow me to drive a car for the next 12 months.
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landmark decision

A legal decision that sets a precedent for how similar cases are to be resolved in the future. Review that landmark decision—it should help us to build our case.
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make a decision

To decide; to choose something. What do you want for dinner? I need you to make a decision so that I can start cooking.
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eleventh-hour decision

A decision made at the last possible moment or opportunity. I was shocked that they reached an eleventh-hour decision after weeks of squabbling.
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snap decision

A decision made hastily, recklessly, or without careful consideration. The company enjoyed huge success in the '90s, but a series of snap decisions backfired on them, leading them to the brink of bankruptcy. The officer made the snap decision to take the unresponsive child into his patrol car and rush her to the hospital himself.
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arrive at a decision

To reach a particular decision or understanding. I'm thrilled to announce that the committee has finally arrived at a decision. Have the doctors arrived at a decision yet?
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reach a decision

To reach a particular decision or understanding. I'm thrilled to announce that the committee has finally reached a decision. Have the doctors reached a decision yet?
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arrive at a decision

 and reach a decision
to make a decision; decide. Have you arrived at a decision yet? We will reach a decision tomorrow.
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eleventh-hour decision

Fig. a decision made very late in a process, or at the last possible moment. Eleventh-hour decisions are seldom satisfactory. The president's eleventh-hour decision was made in a great hurry, but it turned out to be correct.
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Staff members often state what they would do, while at the same time advising proxy decision makers that they have to make decisions based on what they think is right.
Decisions have been described as changing an ongoing state or process into a new state or process, in other words as crossing points in time (Malle, 2001).
As a first step toward understanding the dynamics of the influence web in Piedmont, we investigate perceptions of who has influence over change and implementation decisions at the central office and within school sites.
Failure for inadequate cognitive executive decision-making skills can be attributed to: (a) schools that fail to teach these skills; (b) inadequate student exposure to decision making experiences: and (c) failure to provide students with disabilities opportunities to make decisions.
The basic premise of real options theory is that many investments (as well as most strategic decisions) involve risk and uncertainty concerning future payoffs and costs, but the decision can often be divided into stages and sequenced so that more information is available after the first stage that will influence the probability as well as the potential size of the expected payoff.
Because of the differences between expert decision makers and novices, how might technology and, in particular, simulation technology, be employed to enhance decision-making capabilities?
They build their own information, step by step, from the bottom up, by clearly outlining the strategic, customer, financial and operational information they need to make good decisions.
As physician executives, we've spent too much time in group decision making based on the advocacy approach," Shabino says.
You may feel comfortable asking a parent whether they allowed their child to make other serious decisions, such as choice of vacation destination or nursery school.
There are five stages that are most common in the maturation of decision support within an organization: reporting, analysis, prediction, operations and disintermediation.
Speaking of not-so-great ideas, included in Crainer's Hall of Infamy, are the "21 Worst Decisions of All Time.
And we will continue to make the residents really the ultimate priority in all our decisions.
The appellate court supported the state's penalty assertion against Kroger because the company ignored existing Illinois case law (namely, the National Realty 1986 decision), and should not have relied on decisions from other state taxing jurisdictions that had adopted only the transactional test.
Every competent person has a legal right to make decisions about one's own medical care.